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Lake St. and 11th Ave. Minneapolis MN   Photo: Rise Up Times


Fragmentary Connections: A Meditation on War, Peace, Community, and Climate


Glenn Greenwald: How Endless War Bankrupted the US While Inflicting Mass Suffering at Home. Plus: Macron Threatens Internet Shutdown and Update on US Govt’s Private Data Purchases

The idea that there is a connection between the wars cheered by The New York Times and its comrades and the liberal establishment, and the quality of life of ordinary Americans of the kind rarely seen by the paper’s editors is not only ignored but rendered taboo.

Stop Explosive Investments: Producers of Cluster Munitions

Cluster bombs have caused over 20.000 casualties since 1960. Although banned under the Convention on Cluster Munitions, companies still produce these weapons. Still, some financial institutions invest in cluster bomb producers.

Pivoting Hate, Russia to China, Sinophobia, Panda Huggers, Panda Sluggers

Kucinich predicts that while Washington plans for a hot war with China in 2025, cold war psychology will be used for the 2024 election season, “to scare the bejesus out of even the most pacific U.S. voter.”

Henry Giroux: Rethinking Education as the Practice of Freedom

Understood properly, neoliberal capitalism is a form of necropolitics, or more specifically, a type of gangster capitalism that is utterly criminogenic. Gangster capitalism thrives on the silence of the oppressed and the complicity of those seduced by its power.


Medea Benjamin: Why There’s No PEACE Movement From the Left in America

How a Notorious Georgia Army School Became America’s Training Ground for Global Torture – TheAltWorld

As Movements Like Stop Cop City Gain Power, Police Treat Free Speech as a Crime, by Cody Bloomfield

Despite the fear, despite the repression, the movement to Stop Cop City is flourishing. The week of action features a deep calendar of crowd-sourced events, ranging from knitting circle skill shares to talks by longtime local activists on the historical roots of the Stop Cop City movement.


Censorship and Blacklists: Chris Hedges, Stella Assange & Matt Kennard

Censorship and Blacklists: Chris Hedges, Stella Assange & Matt Kennard Chris Hedges, Stella Assange & Matt Kennard speak about the perdition of journalists,  focusing on the current proceedings against Julian Assange. Posted by Consortium News  July 6, 2023 Presented by SOAS ICOP.

Chris Hedges: Journalists Abandoned Julian Assange and Slit Their Own Throats


Chris Hedges: They Lied About Afghanistan. They Lied About Iraq. And They Are Lying About Ukraine.

How can we countenance the decision by the U.S and its Western allies to block negotiations with Russia to end the war, despite Kyiv and Moscow apparently being on the verge of negotiating a peace treaty?

Prof. John Mearsheimer: Dissent on Ukraine, interview by Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald: I want to talk about the cost of this war to Americans to the United States because of  one obvious difference, and I think non-trivial difference, between the Vietnam War and the Iraq war and the war in Ukraine: At least 60 000 American lives were lost

Alfred de Zayas: Provocation is Not an Innocent Act

The mainstream media frequently manages the narrative in an attempt to “legitimize” the use of force, e.g. by the US and NATO countries in Yugoslavia (1999), Afghanistan (since 2001), Iraq (since 2003), or to absolve the provocateur, e.g. to downplay or outright ignore NATO’s continuing provocations of Russia.


The Black Radical Tradition that Modernized America, Mourning Mutulu Shakur

Shakur’s generation of radical Black activists represents the sun around which the modern American state orbits, or to say it more plainly, the late 20th century’s most democratizing social movements were in collusion with Black militancy.


How America Hides the Human Toll of Its Military Machine, by Norman Solomon

Timing is crucial in media and politics—and never more so than when war is at stake. It’s completely unsatisfactory for journalists to toe the war line for years and then finally report, in effect: Now it can be told—years too late.


 Susu Jeffrey: Tritiated Water: Nuclear Power and Climate Change

Chris Hedges: Requiem for Our Species

Princeton, N.J. — As I write this, the sun is a hazy reddish orange orb. The sky is an inky yellowish gray. The air has an acrid stench and leaves a faint metallic taste in my mouth. After 20 minutes outside, my head starts to ache, my nose burns, my…


Ben Norton: Debt ceiling hypocrisy: U.S. boosts military budget while restricting food stamps for poor

Rise Up Times, articles of substance you won’t find in the mainstream corporate media 


 Artist: Jackie Fawn


Global and Local Peace and Justice for All 

Be Engaged in Activism

Cultivate Collaborative Communities

Normalize Resistance         Rest and Rise





 “Power is global and politics is local. That must change. We need a new language for understanding new global power formations as well as new international modes of politics to fight them.

Social movements must move outside of national boundaries and join with others across the globe to fight the savagery of neoliberal global politics and central to such a task is the work of intellectuals, artists, cultural workers, and others who can fashion new tools and social movements in the fight against the current anti-democratic threats being imposed all over the globe.”

 — Henry A Giroux


For over ten years Rise Up Times has been active, bringing you articles of substance about issues of substance.

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The way I see the world is strictly illegal
to wit, through my eyes

is illegal; yes;
to wit, I live
like a pickpocket, like the sun
like the hand that writes this, by my wits

This is not permitted
that I look on the world
and worse, insist that I see

what I see
a conundrum, a fury, a burning bush

and with five fingers, where my eyes fail

with a blackened brush
on butcher sheets, black and white
(black for blood, white for death
where the light fails)

that face which is not my own
(and my own)
that death which is not my own
and my own)

This is strictly illegal
and may land me in trouble

as somewhere now in a precinct
in a dock, the stautes
thrash in fury, hear them
hear ye!
the majestic jaws

of crocodiles in black shrouds
the laws
forbidding me
the world, the truth
under blood oath

forbidding, row upon row
of razors, of statutes
of molars, of grinders— 

those bloodshot eyes
legal, sleepless, maneating
not letting me
let blood

Daniel Berrigan
 May All Creatures Live



The ‘apocalyptic’ chess game between the superpowers, that is, between those that move on the highest plane of our civilization, is being played according to the rule ‘if either “wins” it is the end of both’; it is a game that bears no resemblance to whatever war games preceded it. Its ‘rational’ goal is deterrence, not victory, and the arms race, no longer a preparation for war, can now be justified only on the grounds that more and more deterrence is the best guarantee of peace

 To the question how shall we ever be able to extricate ourselves from  the obvious insanity of this position  there is no answer.”

                      — Hannah Arendt in On Violence


The U.S. needs to join other countries worldwide in banning nuclear weapons.


 WHY ACT NOW? Support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and sign the Parliamentary (Legislative) Pledge. Click the WAMM link above for more information.

 Please help spread awareness and action about nuclear weapons? Information and action steps are available FREE in the form of two-sided cards on cardstock.

  • Call 612-827-5364 to schedule a pick up at the WAMM office, 4200 Cedar Ave. S., Suite 3, Minneapolis. 55407
  • Packages of 50 can be sent to you via USPS for a $10 donation.

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“Resistance is no longer an option,
it is now a matter of life or death.
The lights are going out on democracy
across the globe and the time to wake up
from this nightmare is now.”

—Henry A Giroux


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