Judaism and Zionism, by Sue Ann Martinson

Israel has taken the position that it is innocent of any wrongdoing even though at minimum since Nakba in 1948 they have perpetrated an apartheid neo-fascist state...with use of...tactics borrowed from their previous oppressors in Nazi Germany. And now they have adopted GENOCIDE, as they systematically bomb and destroy Gaza.

SWLRT SNAFU: Southwest Light Rail Train—Situation Normal All “Fouled” Up

The over-budget will be paid exclusively by Hennepin County taxpayers. Hennepin County’s 2023 population was 1,320,307. With a $1,000,000,000 debt that would be about $1,000 of “cost-sharing” owed by each man, woman and child in the county. SWLRT SNAFU: Southwest Light Rail Train—Situation Normal All “Fouled” Up Skybridge pedestrian walkway to Bryn Mawr commuter station More

Leave Africa for Africans, by Mary Beaudoin

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, whom we could expect to be a big fan of coups given how instrumental she was in orchestrating one in Ukraine in 2014, flew to the Nigerien capital, Niamey, on August 6. However, this time she was in opposition to the coup...


Without adequate food, water, medicine, shelter, or other human needs due to the Israeli-imposed siege, the population is exhausted, traumatized, starved, and dehydrated, and disease is beginning to spread – this on top of being bombed, slaughtered, and maimed.

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