Chris Hedges: Requiem for Our Species

Princeton, N.J. — As I write this, the sun is a hazy reddish orange orb. The sky is an inky yellowish gray. The air has an acrid stench and leaves a faint metallic taste in my mouth. After 20 minutes outside, my head starts to ache, my nose burns, my eyes itch and my breathing becomes more labored. Streets are deserted. Chris Hedges: Requiem for Our Species By Chris Hedges / Original to ScheerPost / June 11, 2023 Lonesome Farewell – by Mr. Fish  The ubiquitous lawn service companies with their machine mowers and whining gas-powered leaf blowers have disappeared, along More

Hedges: Society of Spectacle, January 6 Hearings

There was no acknowledgement by committee members that the “will of the people” has been subverted by the three branches of government to serve the dictates of the billionaire class. No one brought up the armies of lobbyists who are daily permitted to storm the Capitol to fund the legalized bribery of our elections and write the pro-corporate legislation that it passes. No one spoke about the loss of constitutional rights, including the right to privacy, because of wholesale government surveillance.

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