Nero’s Guests in Palestine, by Chris Hedges

Hatred is a dangerous political commodity. The Palestinian “human animals,” when eradicated or subdued, will be replaced by Jewish apostates and traitors. A politics of hatred creates a permanent instability, exploited by those seeking the destruction of civil society.

Assange Wins! Highlights of the Day

Stella (Assange's wife): Thank you. I want to be very clear today marks a turning point. We went into court and we sat and heard the United States fumbling through their arguments trying to paint lipstick on a pig; they are pigs, Well, the judges were not convinced [Applause]. Everyone can see what's going on here. The United States case is offensive; it offends our Democratic principles; it offends our right to know. It is an attack on journalists everywhere, people everywhere. [Applause]


Without adequate food, water, medicine, shelter, or other human needs due to the Israeli-imposed siege, the population is exhausted, traumatized, starved, and dehydrated, and disease is beginning to spread – this on top of being bombed, slaughtered, and maimed.

Rise Up Times, Media for Justice and Peace, September/October Summary

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Seymour Hersh: Summer of the Hawks

The corruption so often “talked about in Niger is not about petty bribes by government officials, but about an entire structure—developed during French colonial rule—that prevents Niger from establishing sovereignty over its raw materials and over its development,”

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