If Russia’s actions are to be considered “aggression” or an “invasion”, one must find a whole new word to describe what the United States did to Iraq in 2003.

The tension between the Trump White House and segments of the establishment, including the courts, the intelligence community and the State Department, has been misconstrued as evidence that the elites will remove Trump from power.

Together, the anonymous sources of the “deep state” and the mass corporate media have become accustomed to controlling the narrative told to the public.

Price: I know no reason to trust the CIA and other intelligence agencies any more than we trust Trump.

Manufacturing Consent

Hersh denounced news organizations as “crazy town” for their uncritical promotion…

A two-part video interview with Coleen Rowley on the deep state.

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The ousting of Mike Flynn takes us down the road to a police state.

Islamophobia is not the same thing as racism, just as fascism is not the same thing as Hate. Any effective resistance to Trump’s agenda will have to go much further than the official opposition rhetoric that invites us to conflate these things. By PETER GAFFNEY  Counterpunch  February 16, 2017    The travel ban was a […]

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Ms. Burke appeared on MPR News on February 1, 2017, to address the national security question posed by host Kerri Miller: “Do Trump’s immigration policies make us safer?” By Mike Madden, Vice President Veterans For Peace, Twin Cities Chapter 27  February 12, 2017 New America is a think tank…

Media malpractice has been so sustained and widespread that it’s hard to know where to start.

Jordan Kushner: “These are reactionary voices who are out to quash dissent, all directed at Black Lives Matter–-right-wing legislators who are catering to the prejudices of their base.”

A general strike is not just another protest, rally or march. It is a strike.

Never popular in the first place, domestic counterextremism programs are now likely to become much more aggressive and bellicose.

What likely concerns Ms. Burke, is that social media is further from government control than is the traditional media.

On appeal, not only did the Ninth Circuit rule 3-0 against Trump, but they also chided him on his lack of understanding of the checks and balances of the Constitution.

Who’s a Patriot and what is Patriotism’s role in a decaying empire?

This week on Intercepted we sit down with intrepid investigative reporter Allan Nairn on Trump’s relationship with the CIA…

In continuing to violate nations and people at will, the U.S. could very well qualify as a pandemic in its own right.