We have observed that the incoming administration does not respect the right to protest and responds aggressively to dissent.

The military feared Congress would use the confidential data as an excuse to slash defense spending

…even today known establishment and CIA operatives such as Anderson Cooper (CNN-CBS) and Robert Baer (CNN) regularly “report the facts” to millions of Americans…

The legacy of the science of coercion continues into the present day, resulting in “media wars” waged with psychological warfare becoming more blatant…

Senate Passed Anti-Free Speech Bill. It targets
human rights activists, not hatred.

It’s not a petition. It’s not a Facebook page. It’s not a retweet or a hashtag.

We, too, can sing in the new day.

So, at this late date, what might a president frightened by his successor actually do…

We will remove them from power or enter a new dark age.

The greatest build-up of American-led military forces since the Second World War is well under way.

The purpose of your visit will be educational in nature and focused on learning about Arab-Islamic culture…

Many people I knew while growing up and many people I still know in rural, white, Christian America hold diverse viewpoints.

On Wednesday, U.S. congressional negotiators approved $160 million to combat what they deem foreign propaganda and the alleged Russian campaign to spread “fake news.”

America’s past truth and reconciliation processes show us what works.

[Rasouli] wonders if U.S. citizens believe these wars, which could cost up to $6 trillion, were worth it.

Martin Luther King Jr. understood the downward spiral of hating those who hate you.

“If you come from too radical perspective, your right to report is somehow in question, because you’re outside the ideological frameworks”

Somehow I’ve produced a veritable flood of Russian propaganda, most of it not even mentioning Russia at all. 

WHO EXACTLY IS behind PropOrNot, where it gets its funding, and whether or not it is tied to any governments is a complete mystery.

Many of us are rekindling our activist spirit knowing that the next four years will require everyone to act. Photo by Brooke Anderson  Flickr Nina M. Flores  Yes! Magazine  November 24, 2016 Everywhere, there are urgent conversations among folks who are committed to justice and who reject an administration with policies grounded in violence and intimidation. […]