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Sue Ann is an activist with a focus on educating and taking action around antiwar and media issues and the climate crisis.

The Most Censored Stories of the Year, Rising Up with Andy Lee Roth

The Most Censored Stories of the Year BY SONALI KOLHATKAR  YES Magazine  December 8, 2023 Each year, Project Censored publishes its annual survey of independent journalism, State of the Free Press, consisting of stories that corporate news media failed to cover or badly misrepresented. Project Censored, whose mission is to “expose and oppose news censorship and … promote independent investigative More

APARTHEID, by Susu Jeffrey

APARTHEID By Susu Jeffrey / Original to Rise Up Times / December 2, 2023 Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning apartness, literally apart-hood. It is pronounced apart-tate. Apart-tate rhymes with hate.  Apartheid is a word from the European colonial period when the Dutch East India Company established a trading post in 1652 in the Cape of More

David Swanson: There Is No Right Side in War

When the United States faced the need to end Jim Crow, it was not a need to surrender to its enemies, but to integrate them, to become a nation that included more people on equal terms all as fellow people, neighbors, friends, companions. This was unthinkable to those who insisted on a white nation. In Israel it is unthinkable to those who insist on a Jewish nation.

John Pilger: We are Spartacus

From Washington and London, the virulence has no limit. Israel, the colonial anachronism and unleashed attack dog, is armed to the teeth and granted historical impunity so that ‘we’ the West ensure the blood and tears never dry in Palestine.

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