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Alfred de Zayas: Provocation is Not an Innocent Act

The mainstream media frequently manages the narrative in an attempt to “legitimize” the use of force, e.g. by the US and NATO countries in Yugoslavia (1999), Afghanistan (since 2001), Iraq (since 2003), or to absolve the provocateur, e.g. to downplay or outright ignore NATO’s continuing provocations of Russia. 

May 28th, 2023|corporate globalization, Featured|

Polly Mann Presente!

“Greatness is rare. Not many of us have encountered it; the courage to stand up for what you believe and the skill to lead and persuade others to pursue the dreams of social, racial, economic, and gender justice are isolated virtues, given to the very few. She is gutsy, scholarly, practical, and effective, a devoted friend and an inspiration to those who dream of freedom, equality, and justice.”

May 13th, 2023|Current Issues|

Jimmy Dore and Aaron Mate: Telling the Naked Truth

NY Times and WashPo Editors CONFRONTED for lies about war and more... https://youtu.be/-Upux1XBCbg   Rise Up Times Editor's Comment: I don't always care for Jimmy's raunchiness but his analysis is direct and on the mark. Here he is with Aaron Mate and other voices. Editor's Comment: Since this has been published, there have been a number of comments on the Facebook version, Here is my response: NY Times & WashPo Editors CONFRONTED Over Ukraine War Lies! Antiwar activist Jose Vega is well on his way to becoming a legendary disruptor of the war machine. His latest target: an event More

April 27th, 2023|capitalist system, Featured|
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