Chris Hedges: Sermon for Gaza

This sublime madness is the essential quality for a life of resistance. It is the acceptance that when you stand with the oppressed you will be treated like the oppressed. It is the acceptance that, although empirically all that we struggled to achieve during our lifetime may be worse, our struggle validates itself.

Chris Hedges: The Nation’s Conscience and Caitlin Johnstone: Protest And Dissent Can Absolutely Push The Empire To Retreat On Gaza

The protest movements - which have spread around the globe - are not built around the single issue of the apartheid state in Israel or its genocide against Palestinians. They are built around the awareness that the old world order, the one of settler colonialism, western imperialism and militarism used by the countries in the Global North to dominate the Global South, must end.

UPDATE ON THE FLOTILLA: Food and Medical Supplies for Gaza STOPPED

Coleen Rowley: “I have to say how disappointed we are - and actually horrified - that such powerful, corrupt government forces can connive to prevent food, medicine, and humanitarian aid from reaching disease and famine-stricken Gaza. It’s evil!” Barry Riesch: “Stopping the boat shows that Israel is intimidated by us and that our own country cares more about supporting Israel’s illegal blockade and genocide than helping U.S. citizens deliver aid to Gaza. They can stop the flotilla today, but it will come back even stronger.”

They Are Not Numbers in Gaza and Photo Essay, Twin Cities Protests

As always, we as U.S. citizens, must ask first what is the role of the U.S.? The answer is that, along with political support, the U.S. has been providing the bombs, bullets, and fighter jets to Israel. The abhorrent killing of these youth – and all the other people in Gaza – are why we need to do what we can to force our government to end hostilities and free Palestine.


Without adequate food, water, medicine, shelter, or other human needs due to the Israeli-imposed siege, the population is exhausted, traumatized, starved, and dehydrated, and disease is beginning to spread – this on top of being bombed, slaughtered, and maimed.

WAMM Photo Essay: Free Palestine Worldwide

People rallied in cities and towns around the world to protest the genocide of Gaza and to demand a free Palestine. Women Against Military Madness  Vol. 41 No. 5  Winter 2023 Cape Town, South Africa Geneva, Switzerland London, England Los Angeles, CA (USA) Paris, France Seoul, South Korea Colombo, Sri Lanka Times Square, New More

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