Ret. USMC Captain and Eisenhower Media Network Executive Director Matthew Hoh addresses the UN Security Council during its briefing on Ukraine (March 24, 2024)   


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  1. Ernst Rudolf Mecke March 25, 2024 at 3:50 PM - Reply

    I have said already years ago that a slow but anyway POSSIBLE way of reducing the number of nuclear weapons very much would be to establish an internatinal nuclear strike force which would retaliate against ANY power which would attack some other power with nuclear weapons. The big powers would be invited to transfer more and more of their nuclear weapons to this international strike force (which is, after all, also protecting THEM). Psychologists would have to think VERY carefully how to select and recruit the people who have access to the “button”. But once a reasonably convincing form of that force is established and armed, simple human behavior plus financial considerations will result (with time!) in at least a clear and strong reduction of the number of nuclear weapons in the world. – More detailed considerations and explanations can be provided on request.

    have already years ago said that a slow but anyway POSSIBLE way of reducing the number of

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