Our work is cut out for us: “In war, the first causality is truth.” We must think critically and defensively and not take anything attacking China at face value. Our task is to challenge the lies as we organize and work for peace. 

Former presidential candidate and current political commentator Dennis Kucinich urged the U.S. public to “get ready for a parceling out of some of the manufactured hate that has been reserved for Russia and President Putin – to hate China and President Xi, and to suffer a fully-manufactured Red Peril.”[1]


Image: Global Times

Get Ready for Election Season: Pivoting of Hate from Russia to China 

by Kristin Dooley
Women Against Military Madness Newsletter, Vol. 41, No. 3, Summer 2023

Kucinich predicts that while Washington plans for a hot war with China in 2025, cold war psychology will be used for the 2024 election season, “to scare the bejesus out of even the most pacific U.S. voter.” The U.S. military surrounding China and tension over Taiwan makes it obvious that China is the next target, though it’s a formidable proposition considering that Russia and China, two major nuclear-armed nations, are increasingly allied.

This anti-China hate has also turned up in new state laws enacted by red-state politicians including banning the purchase of farmland, digital storage restrictions, and banning the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) “influence” on education in Florida. In Texas, Chinese are banned from owning any land and in Virginia the law bans the sale of farmland to Chinese. [2]

Kristin Dooley is the director of Women Against Military Madness

[1]Kucinich, Dennis. World War III on the Installment Plan. May 4, 2023 Kucinich substack.com   For more analysis of the Cold War on China, see: Total Information Warfare. Winter 2020 and Part II: The U.S. War on China: Panda Huggers and Panda Sluggers. Winter 2021 by K.J. Noh. Women Against Military Madness Newsletter. womenagainstmilitarymadness.org

[2]Global Times editorial. Tyranny of Anti-China state bills makes it hard to reverse China-U.S. ties. May9, 2023 tinyurl.com/zpyhn8ec



  1. Martin Serna July 11, 2023 at 3:36 AM - Reply

    What about Confucius classrooms and institutes in America? Is this another example of American total information warfare, K.J. Noh?

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