Greenwald: I want to ask…about the cost beyond just the financial cost, in particular the reaction of the rest of the world to America and what it is doing to American standing.

Glenn Greenwald  / System Update  /  July 1, 2023

Greenwald: I want to talk about the cost of this war to Americans to the United States because of  one obvious difference, and I think non-trivial difference, between the Vietnam War and the Iraq war and the war in Ukraine: At least 60 000 American lives were lost in the Vietnam war and thousands of American lives were lost in Iraq as well as in Afghanistan. At least so far there are no combat troops on the ground in Ukraine; there probably are boots on the ground but just not combat boots. There don’t seem to be many if any American casualties in the Russia-Ukraine war thus far despite how involved we are there. That creates a perception I think that the cost is not really significant. Yes, we’re spending a hundred billion dollars or so and counting on what’s been authorized, but I want to ask you about the cost beyond just the financial cost,. in particular the reaction of the rest of the world to America and what it is doing to Americans standing.

— From the transcript, edited by Rise Up Times

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