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Is Nuclear War Imminent? Robert Scheeer interviews William J. Astore

“We need to act together as citizens to be that vital check on the military industrial congressional complex, which is why I think there are so many forces in our society today that are actually trying to keep us… asleep and isolated from the real impact of war,” Astore says.

February 5th, 2023|FeaturedInternational RelationsMilitary MadnessU.S. Foreign Policy

We need to get all our leaders around the table and force them to say: “No more war!”. That would be the point where dialogue can start.

February 4th, 2023|FeaturedHuman RightsInternational RelationsMilitary Madness

In January of 2023, the 34-foot wooden sailboat the Golden Rule, a project of Veterans for Peace, traveled Havana to express friendship and solidarity with the Cuban people.  The Golden Rule calls for “lifting the decades-old U.S. blockade of Cuba, reminding people how close the world came to nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 and making parallel connections to the U.S.-Russian standoff in Ukraine today.”

February 6th, 2023|Activismcorporate empire

Glenn Greenwald: Who’s REALLY Fighting Big Tech?

We’re going to try and do our best to examine what is actually a challenging and an interesting question: faced with a very small group of corporate giants who have used anti-competitive practices to make themselves virtually unchallengeable and inescapable, how can one shrewdly subvert their power without sacrificing one’s integrity, or, worse, cynically exploiting the sincere anger of the public toward Big Tech for one’s own personal aggrandizement?

February 3rd, 2023|MediaPress FreedomSocial Media

War is a climate killer, by Angelika Claußen

More arms means more damage to the climate, not greater security.

February 3rd, 2023|EconomyInternational EconomyInternational Relations

Matt Taibbi joins CN Live! to discuss the implications of his Twitter Files revelations, including his latest on Hamilton 68 and its fatal blow to the Russiagate narrative. With Chris Hedges and John Kiriakou. Watch the replay. Twitter Files & the Death of Russiagate Consortium News  February 1, 2023 Joe Lauria writes: In the latest installment of the blockbuster Twitter Files, reporter Matt Taibbi has revealed that probably the most important source behind the maniacal media output on the Russiagate was based on a lie. the replay. Hundreds of articles and television segments in the major U.S. Media, which kept the Russiagate More

February 2nd, 2023|capitalist systemFeatured

The appointment to the commission of individuals with deep ties to the contracting and weapons sectors is also consistent with campaign contributions to the chairs of both the House and Senate Armed Services Committees.

February 2nd, 2023|capitalist systemCongressMilitarism

THE SHOOTING OF Tortuguita, a nonbinary person who went by that sole name, shocked activists, who say Tortuguita had been a vocal proponent of nonviolence.

January 29th, 2023|ActivismMilitary Madnessnonviolent action

If you don’t live in Flint, Michigan or Jackson, Mississippi, you may want to ask where your potable (drinkable) water comes from and how it’s delivered. People in the Twin Cities drink out of the Mississippi River. The City of Minneapolis distributes 57 million gallons of water daily to its three million residents plus businesses and citizens in seven suburbs. What Are You Drinking? By Susu Jeffrey Original to Rise Up Times  January 28, 2023 Photo: Minnesota Historical Society After the Civil War the U.S. military developed an Industrial water campus for Fort Snelling including the reservoir, Spring House, Pump

January 28th, 2023|EcologyFood and WaterGreen EconomyHealthWater

“The neocons, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, State Secretary Anthony Blinken and his deputy Victoria Nuland, who together wage their war against Russia, have Joe Biden’s ears and can control the information he gets.”

January 27th, 2023|Biden administrationMilitarismwar/military

To free up billions of Pentagon dollars for investing in critical environmental projects and to eliminate the environmental havoc of war, movements for a livable, peaceful planet need to put “ending war” at the top of the “must do” list.

January 25th, 2023|Voices

War Policy is a Domestic Policy: Much of the pro-NATO left has taken this stand to protect its domestic electoral project. If sending weapons is wrong, their political heroes who repeatedly voted without debate for more weapons are also terribly wrong.

January 24th, 2023|Congresscorporate globalizationMilitarismU.S. Foreign Policy, war/military

DN! “Elite Capture: How the Powerful Took Over Identity Politics (And Everything Else)”

“I think we should also be building a different kind of world that doesn’t structurally run on racism and other kinds of oppression and capitalism. And the construction of constructive view is the point of building that world. That world would have a much different energy system. It would produce things in a different way.”

January 21st, 2023|Politics

Glencore is Criminal/Polymet, Identity Politics, Rowley: Free Leonard Peltier, The Poets Have It!,

January 23rd, 2023|Featured

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The Boys Who Said No: Draft Resistance and the Vietnam War is an overdue and definitive account of the principled and powerful nonviolent resistance to America’s most problematic war. These young men risked years in prison to challenge a war of tragic human proportions.Their leadership, personal sacrifices, and example had a direct effect on ending the war, and are an important example for today’s movements for social justice and peace.

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“Power is global and politics is local. That must change. We need a new language for understanding new global power formations as well as new international modes of politics to fight them.

Social movements must move outside of national boundaries and join with others across the globe to fight the savagery of neoliberal global politics and central to such a task is the work of intellectuals, artists, cultural workers, and others who can fashion new tools and social movements in the fight against the current anti-democratic threats being imposed all over the globe.”

                                                 — Henry A Giroux
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The trouble with our state
was not civil disobedience
which in any case was hesitant and rare
Civil disobedience was rare as
     kidney stone
No rarer; it was disappearing like
     immigrants’ disease
You’ve heard of a war on cancer?
There is no war like the media
There is no war like routine
There is no war like 3 square meals
There is no war like a prevailing wind
It blows softly, whispers
Don’t rock the boat
The sails obey, the ship of state rolls on
The trouble with our state
–we learned it only afterward
when the dead resembled the living
who resembled the dead
the civil virtue shown like paint on tin
and tin citizens and tin soldiers
marched to the common whip
–our trouble
the trouble with our state
with our state of soul
our state of siege–
May All Creatures Live
Daniel Berrigan


The ‘apocalyptic’ chess game between the superpowers, that is, between those that move on the highest plane of our civilization, is being played according to the rule ‘if either “wins” it is the end of both’; it is a game that bears no resemblance to whatever war games preceded it. Its ‘rational’ goal is deterrence, not victory, and the arms race, no longer a preparation for war, can now be justified only on the grounds that more and more deterrence is the best guarantee of peace
To the question how shall we ever be able to extricate ourselves from  the obvious insanity of this position  there is no answer.”                       — Hannah Arendt in On Violence

NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE NOW ILLEGAL!The U.S. needs to join other countries worldwide in banning nuclear weapons.


WHY ACT NOW? Support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and sign the Parliamentary (Legislative) Pledge. Click the WAMM link above for more information.

Please help spread awareness and action about nuclear weapons? Information and action steps are available FREE in the form of two-sided cards on cardstock.

  • Call 612-827-5364 to schedule a pick up at the WAMM office, 4200 Cedar Ave. S., Suite 3, Minneapolis. 55407

  • Packages of 50 can be sent to you via USPS for a $10 donation.

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“Resistance is no longer an option, it is
now a matter of life or death.
The lights are going out on democracy
across the globe and the time to wake up
from this nightmare is now.”

—Henry A Giroux

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