Assange Wins! Highlights of the Day

Stella (Assange's wife): Thank you. I want to be very clear today marks a turning point. We went into court and we sat and heard the United States fumbling through their arguments trying to paint lipstick on a pig; they are pigs, Well, the judges were not convinced [Applause]. Everyone can see what's going on here. The United States case is offensive; it offends our Democratic principles; it offends our right to know. It is an attack on journalists everywhere, people everywhere. [Applause]

Judaism and Zionism, by Sue Ann Martinson

Israel has taken the position that it is innocent of any wrongdoing even though at minimum since Nakba in 1948 they have perpetrated an apartheid neo-fascist state...with use of...tactics borrowed from their previous oppressors in Nazi Germany. And now they have adopted GENOCIDE, as they systematically bomb and destroy Gaza.

APARTHEID, by Susu Jeffrey

APARTHEID By Susu Jeffrey / Original to Rise Up Times / December 2, 2023 Apartheid is an Afrikaans word meaning apartness, literally apart-hood. It is pronounced apart-tate. Apart-tate rhymes with hate.  Apartheid is a word from the European colonial period when the Dutch East India Company established a trading post in 1652 in the Cape of More

Rise Up Times, Media for Justice and Peace, September/October Summary

Share Tweet Forward DONATE TODAY Media for Justice and Peace New Posts for September/October, 2023 PLEASE SHARE WIDELY Rise Up Times: Articles of substance you won’t find in the mainstream corporate media Art by Cartoonist Mr. Fish Chris Hedges Report: Israel’s Long War on Gaza with Norman Finkelstein Mass Protests Have Failed To Bring More

“Staggerlee wonders” by James Baldwin

And, anyway, none of this changes the reality,  which is, for example, that I do not want my son  to die in Guantanamo,  or anywhere else, for that matter,  serving the Stars and Stripes.  (I've seen some stars. I got some stripes.)  Neither (incidentally) has anyone discussed the Bomb with the niggers:

Fragmentary Connections: A Meditation on War, Peace, Community, and Climate

REFLECTIONS  Fragmentary Connections: A Novel, A Poem, A Song, Videos, A Meditation on War, Peace, Community, and Climate By Sue Ann Martinson REFLECTIONS Leadership Lately I have been reading a novel in which the war in Crimea figures as a background the plot turns on. No, not the current war, although the geopolitical reasons for More

Chris Hedges: Requiem for Our Species

Princeton, N.J. — As I write this, the sun is a hazy reddish orange orb. The sky is an inky yellowish gray. The air has an acrid stench and leaves a faint metallic taste in my mouth. After 20 minutes outside, my head starts to ache, my nose burns, my eyes itch and my breathing More

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