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Dear Friend in justice and peace,
​Worldwide people are resisting Trump’s war-hawk fascist agenda and the threats to democracy, and Rise Up Times is part of that resistance. We need your help to survive and thrive, to continue to bring you compelling and revealing articles! Please support Rise Up Times today with a donation. Your support is essential and appreciated. Rise Up Times cannot continue to bring you up-to-date news about essential issues to our survival without your help. You make Rise Up Times possible.
Trump continues to raise havoc and we continue to Rise Up and Resist! First and foremost is the health care bill he is trying to push through Congress. But he is also hindering civil rights and attacking the environment and efforts to prevent climate change. Meanwhile, he continues to personally profit monetarily from the presidency and changes protective laws around financial issues as he continues to make monetary deals with countries like Saudi Arabia. He see the world through a greenback fog, and that is all he can see and understand..
In a recent article Seymour Hersh quotes an intelligence adviser in regard to the Syria bombings:

“He doesn’t read anything and has no real historical knowledge. He wants verbal briefings and photographs. He’s a risk-taker. He can accept the consequences of a bad decision in the business world; he will just lose money. But in our world, lives will be lost and there will be long-term damage to our national security if he guesses wrong. He was told we did not have evidence of Syrian involvement and yet Trump says: ‘Do it.”’

Almost every day Trump creates a new crisis to be dealt with as he chisels away democratic freedoms and removes protective laws around the environment, financial greed, civil liberties and civil rights…sadly, the list goes on and on.
But here is what Rebecca Solnit says in an article in The Guardian:

In this moment, populist intervention is everything, not as hate and attack but as an expression of popular will and power. Or as love, since we defend what we love. It is an extraordinary moment…

Your help is needed more than ever to continue to bring you the same quality articles, news, commentary, and analysis and perspectives in Rise Up Times that you have come to expect in this extraordinary moment.
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Thank you. Your continued support does make a difference, as does every phone call you make, every email you send, every protest you attend, and any step you take to stop the insanity of Trump rule.
Sue Ann Martinson, Editor
Rise Up Times
P.S. Help Rise Up Times continue to inform and engage people to fight in every nonviolent way possible for compassion and caring for the people of our country and the world and against the corporate greed that drives climate change and the loss of the commons in the gradual destruction of our planet.  
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Why Rise Up Times? The name Rise Up Times was chosen because these are the times to Rise Up and be heard. “Times” refers not only to the Times we live in but, as you know, is also a common name for newspapers and other media.
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Why Rise Up Times? The name Rise Up Times was chosen because these are the times to Rise Up and be heard. “Times” refers not only to the Times we live in but, as you know, is also a common name for newspapers and other media. We continue to Rise Up!

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