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Four posts from the Black Agenda Report about Africa

Barefoot, Sick, Hungy and Afraid: The Real U.S.Policy in Africa

Barefoot, Sick, Hungy and Afraid: The Real U.S.Policy in Africa

What is the real objective of a US foreign policy in Africa which offers military aid, weapons, logistics and training to the armed forces of more than 50 of the 54 nations of the most war torn and impoverished continent on earth? Is it building and strengthening civil societies? Or is the permanent state of insecurity, dependence, endemic violence and poverty which characterizes Africa today just better for business?

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor
Originally published in Black Commentator on July 7, 2003

Africans Can Become a People Not to Be Trifled With

“One effective method of attacking the imperialist infrastructure is to drain its pool of enforcers by organizing a total boycott of the U.S. military.”

By Mark P. Fancher  May 23, 2018


The French Imperial Role in Africa

The French Imperial Role in Africa

“Criticizing France’s role in Rwanda dovetails with the interests of Kigali, Washington, London and Ottawa.”

By Yves Engler  May 23, 2018

On Trump, Gaza and White Supremacy in South Africa

“Our experiences of white supremacy oppression are real and they don’t end with the end of slavery.”

By Tafi Mhaka  May 23, 2018



On 5 May 2018, the Criminal Court of Temuco acquitted Machi Francisca Linconao and eight Mapuche men of all charges against them relating to the 2013 killing of two people. A further three Mapuche men who faced charges in this case, José Peralino Huinca, José Tralcal Coche and Luis Trancal Quidel, were convicted under Chile’s Anti-Terrorist Act.  Machi Francisca Linconao always maintained her innocence in the case.

On 4 January 2013, woman human rights defender and spiritual leader of the Mapuche people, Machi Francisca Linconao, was arrested in connection with the murders of Werner Luchsinger and Vivian Mackay. The home in which Luchsinger and Mackay lived had been set alight before dawn on 4 January 2013 by demonstrators commemorating the fifth anniversary of the death of activist Matias Catrileo, a Mapuche who was killed by the Chilean armed forces while participating in a demonstration in 2008. Unable to escape, Luchsinger and Mackay died in the blaze.

Although the Oral Criminal Court of Temuco acquitted Machi Francisca Linconao on 18 October 2017, the Appeals’ Court of Temuco overturned this decision on 29 December 2017, ordering the Criminal Court of Temuco to reopen the case. Machi Francisca Linconao and ten Mapuche men then faced charges of terrorism and murder under Article 474 of Chile’s Criminal Code and Articles 1 and 2.1 of Anti-Terrorist Act No. 18.314 for a second time.

 Posted on May 17, 2018 by 

Venezuela: Revenge of the Mad-Dog Empire

Venezuela: Revenge of the Mad-Dog Empire

Venezuela: Revenge of the Mad-Dog Empire

The commitment to maintaining U.S. global dominance has moved war and militarism to the center of U.S. strategy.”

Only in the world of comic-book fantasies is the United States a friend to the oppressed in Africa or anywhere else on the planet. In the real world, the U.S. is a predator, colonial/capitalist nation. But like the imagined nation of Wakanda, in the latest cultural assault on critical mass consciousness, “American exceptionalism” and “make America great again” — two slogans representing both sides of the imperialist coin—ruling class interests are obscured and the people are reduced to working against their objective interests and being accomplices to imperial lawlessness.

In what appears on the surface to be a ludicrous position, Barack Obama declared Venezuela a threat to U.S. national security on three different occasions. However, the United States is the enforcer for the global capitalist system and the head of the white, Western, capitalist united front. With that in mind, seeing Venezuela as a threat made sense. Venezuela has been the driving force for the nations of the Americas south of the U.S. border attempting to free themselves from the yoke of U.S. imperialism. The Trump administration took up with enthusiasm the policy of destabilization, subversion, and economic warfare that was intensified under the Obama administration.

Ajamu Baraka,  Black Agenda Report, BAR editor and columnist  February 21, 2018

Australia – Invasion Day marked by thousands of protesters

Protesters shut down Melbourne’s city centre, shouting ‘always was, always will be’

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people marked Friday as Invasion Day, or Survival Day, with tens of thousands of people marching around the country.

An estimated 25,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and their supporters marched from Parliament House in Flinders Lane in Melbourne, calling for equal rights and an end to Australia Day being celebrated on January 26.

Protesters shut down Melbourne’s city centre, shouting “always was, always will be, Aboriginal land”. Organisers said Australia Day should be abolished, while others supported calls to change the date.

A sign saying "change the date" with the word date crossed out and replaced with "system".

Protesters in Melbourne called for more to change than just the date Australia Day is celebrated.  ABC NEWS: BRIDGET BRENNAN

Nora Young, a Yorta Yorta and Gunditjmara woman, said she was rallying in remembrance of her ancestors.  “I’m here to recognise my people and what Australia Day signifies — for me that’s when European people invaded,” she said.

ABC NEWS   January 26, 2018

Peasant killings on the rise, 109 murdered, Mindanao, Philippines

“Majority of the killings happened during Martial Law in Mindanao and are linked to agrarian cases and land disputes.”

MANILA — Of 126 politically-motivated killings recorded by human rights group Karapatan or the Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights (Karapatan) from July 2016 to December 31, 2017, 109 are from the peasant sector.

Of the 109 farmers, majority are from Mindanao, who were active in local peasant organizations affiliated with the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), and tagged as members or supporters of the New People’s Army (NPA). Killings are carried out by masked assassins riding motorcycles, suspected to be military elements and intelligence agents of Philippine Army Battalions deployed in the provinces where the killings took place.

“Majority of the killings happened during Martial Law in Mindanao and are linked to agrarian cases and land disputes. Those killed were defending their farms and ancestral lands from landgrabbers, large-scale mining companies, big business and plantations. Those killed were resisting the wanton militarization and human rights violations in rural areas,” the KMP Secretary General Antonio Flores said.

“These killings are state-sanctioned and carried out under the government’s Oplan Kapayapaan counter-insurgency program,” he added.  Aside from killings, cases of illegal arrests and detention are also increasing.

By RUTH LUMIBAO  January 19, 2018

2017 Human Rights Status Report: Advancing Human Rights

 The United States has a complicated and paradoxical relationship to human rights law.  2018 marks 70 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations. The US played a leadership role in the drafting the UDHR which set out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected. While the US played a leadership role in the drafting of the UDHR, it has ratified several of them with reservations that limit the enforceability of the conventions through domestic law and in some cases, failed to ratify them at all. -more-

By U.S. Human Rights Network  Popular Resistance  January 18, 2018

IMF Is Choking Tunisia. No Wonder People Are Protesting

Tunisia has been facing protests across the country at price and tax rises since 3 January – the anniversary of the “bread riots” which occurred in 1984 under the Habib Bourguiba regime. As with the current unrest, that uprising was triggered by an intervention into the country’s affairs by international financial institutions, and the subsequent shock to the livelihoods of Tunisians – specifically, an increase in bread and grain prices following the adoption of an IMF plan. It is impossible to understand these latest protests without understanding the role of international financial institutions, especially the IMF, in imposing austerity on Tunisia since the popular uprising of January 2011. In the months after the revolution, western governments and institutions were looking for a way to prevent countries from questioning the neoliberal model. -more-

By Jihen Chandoul  Popular Resistance  January 18, 2018

EU attempts to sabotage UN corporate treaty process

Public Statement of the Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity 

According to our sources, the European Union (EU) delegation to the United Nations General Assembly’s Fifth Committee, which deals with budgetary matters, is trying to eliminate the financing of the Human Rights Council’s intergovernmental working group (IGWG) mandated to draft a legally binding instrument on transnational corporations (TNCs) and human rights.

It is worth recalling that the intergovernmental working group, set up under Human Rights Council Resolution 26/9 adopted in June 2014, is tasked with creating a mechanism at the international level to allow victims and affected communities access to justice in the face of human rights violations committed by TNCs.

The European Union, representing the interests of Big Money and TNCs at the United Nations (UN) and within this working group, has been trying for three years to derail this UN process by any and all means, even violating codes of diplomatic protocol. These efforts have so far been unsuccessful: as per its mandate, the working group started negotiations for the UN treaty last October, and is set to have a draft treaty for negotiation in its 4th session in 2018.

This recent attempt of the European Union in the context of the Fifth Committee is in line with its long-term strategy, which seeks to prevent any discussion focused on regulating TNCs, even when their behaviour is criminal. By using this strategy, the European Union is demonstrating once again that it prioritizes the interests of business over human rights.

The Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity condemns this new attempt by the European Union to derail the treaty process, this time by depriving the working group of its financial resources.

Under these circumstances, we call on:

  1. Civil Society and social movements from Europe and other regions to denounce and mobilize against this attempt in their own countries

  2. The European Union to renounce this attempt to sabotage the process of elaborating a United Nations legally binding treaty on TNCs and human rights, and to participate constructively in the work of the IGWG as repeatedly urged by the European Parliament;

  3. The United Nations member states to firmly reject this attempt to eliminate the intergovernmental working group’s financing. On the contrary, the Fifth Committee should consider an increase to the working group’s budget due to the growing importance of the process and number of states and CSOs involved year after year. It is incumbent on states and regional bodies to re affirm their continued support for the mandate and a sustained process, by supporting and voting for the necessary resources and budgets.

Global Justice Now is a part of the global campaign network. For more information see:

Global Justice Now  December 19, 2017

WTO talks collapse welcomed by campaigners

Campaigners Global Justice Now today claimed that the collapse of the WTO ministerial in Argentina was “the best outcome possible” given the position of rich countries at this week’s summit.

They criticised the continued intransience of rich countries like Britain who have “no interest in solving the fundamental injustice of current WTO rules, and instead want to turn the whole world into a corporate playground.”

Global Justice Now  December 13, 2017

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, said: 
“WTO rules have been created to serve the interests of the big players in the global economy – transnational corporations. Their demands have ridden roughshod over the needs of the majority of people in the world. Yet rather than transforming these rules, the rich countries continue to bring more and more issues onto the WTO’s agenda which will make the situation even worse.

Jeremy Corbyn has made a huge commitment against corporate power

In his speech to the United Nations last Friday, Jeremy Corbyn gave a timely boost to the long-standing global campaign to tackle corporate power. He pledged that the next Labour government in Britain will actively support the efforts of the UN Human Rights Council to create a legally binding treaty to regulate transnational corporations.

 Dorothy Grace GuerreroDorothy Grace Guerrero  Global Justice Now  December 15, 2017

New York protest demands end to killings in the Philippines

New York City protest against repression in Philippines.New York, NY – On the evening of Dec. 10, approximately 70 activists gathered at the Philippine Consulate on 5th Avenue to protest the regime of President Duterte and to demand an end to its state-sanctioned mass killings.

The rally was held on International Human Rights Day, a time to remember and reinforce the need for democracy and human rights, and to highlight the crimes against the people of the Philippines under the Duterte’s rule.

By Michela Martinazzi |(Fight Back! News/staff)  December 12, 2017

Opposition protesters in Tegucigalpa, Honduras Nov. 29, 2017.

Opposition protesters in Tegucigalpa, Honduras Nov. 29, 2017. | Photo: Reuters

The protests mark the third day of mass mobilizations despite the government enforcing a 10-day curfew as of Saturday.

Former Honduran president and coordinator of the Opposition Alliance, Manuel Zelaya, called on all Hondurans to take to the streets to defend presidential election preliminary results which showed opposition candidate, Salvador Nasrallah with a comfortable lead over the right-wing incumbent, as the electoral board continues to withhold final results.

Shocking New Investigation Links Berta Cáceres’s Assassination to Executives at Honduran Dam Company

Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez  Democracy Now!  November 1, 2017



Delegates to the recent Labour Party conference in the English seaside town of Brighton seemed not to notice a video playing in the main entrance. The world’s third biggest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, supplier to Saudi Arabia, was promoting its guns, bombs, missiles, naval ships and fighter aircraft.  

 …now that Corbyn is closer to power than he might have ever imagined, his foreign policy remains a secret.

By secret, I mean there has been rhetoric and little else. “We must put our values at the heart of our foreign policy,” said Corbyn at the Labour conference. But what are these “values”?

By John Pilger  October 6, 2017

Starved of Justice and Sovereignty, Social Movements Fight for Way Out of Global Food Crisis

Tackling problems underlying the food crisis demands that producers and consumers, including those in the global north, recognize that the causes of opposing crises of malnutrition and obesity are one in the same: an undemocratic, corporate-controlled food system.

Toward Freedom   Heather Gies  September 29, 2017

 South Africa: The Politics of Blood 

Police confront protesters in Johannesburg, South Africa, May 9, 2017. Credit: EPA/Kim LudbrookPolitical violence has steadily become a constitutive feature of the new order in South Africa. The state has increasingly governed impoverished and working class black people with the routine mobilization of violence.

Toward Freedom  October 9, 2017   

New report: The corporate attack on the movement for trade justice

Faking it: Attempting to use grassroots tactics to promote free trade deals
One of the tactics used is the attempt to mimic grassroots organising in the interests of these free trade deals. For example, the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) joined forces with the Transatlantic Business Council (made up of over 40 EU and US multinationals), the European employers’ federation BusinessEurope, and others, to create a Twitter campaign in support of TTIP’s conclusion.

Corporate Europe Observatory  September 7, 2017

Barcelona attack: Thousands of Muslims march against Isis chanting ‘Not in my name’

Meanwhile mosques across Spain are reportedly being targeted by racist graffiti. One mosque in Seville in the south of the country was dabbed with graffiti which threatened to behead Muslims with machetes and said “Killers you’re going to pay”. In a similar incident, another mosque was attacked by flares in a gang in Granada.

Twitter screenshot

Members of the Muslim community in Barcelona have taken to the streets chanting “not in my name” following the devastating terror attack.

At least 14 people were killed in the twin terror attacks, after a van was driven into the crowd on the busy street of Las Ramblas in central Barcelona and a car rammed into people in the seaside town of Cambrils, killing one, later that evening.

Spanish authorities said the terror cell, made up of 12 members, may have been radicalised by a Moroccan imam who had links with the terrorists behind the attacks in Madrid in 2004 and Belgium in 2016.

By The Independent  Mint Press News  August 22, 2017

Breaking, French Elections: Macron versus Le Pen in Run-off. Discredited Socialist Party. A Vote against Neoliberalism

Results of the first round of the French Presidential elections

I would add that a significant result of this campaign is the substitution of a new left represented by Jean-Luc Mélenchon for the totally discredited French Socialist Party, which has betrayed all the hopes of its followers by totally adopting the neoliberal economic policies dictated by the Europe Union. This is a renewed and much more vigorous and original left.

The leaders of the failed Socialist Party are rushing to find a place in Macron’s ill-defined movement, “En Marche!”

So now we are faced with the choice between a fake left – Macron – and a fake “extreme right”: Marine Le Pen.

The plain truth is that Marine Le Pen, of a younger generation than her notorious father Jean-Marie, is simply not the same politically.  She has enthusiastically adopted as her main political advisor and number two in the National Front which she inherited, Florian Philippot, who comes from the patriotic socialist left represented by France’s best statesman of the past generation, Jean-Pierre Chevènement.

This difference seems impossible to explain to people who are stuck in the categories of a past that is not longer pertinent.  Emmanuel Macron is an agent of the globalizing elite, from NATO to Goldman Sachs.

As President, he will confirm French subservience to European Union rules which are destroying the French economy as well as to NATO’s policy of war in the Middle East and hostility to Russia.  Marine Le Pen prefers a policy of peace.  I am waiting to learn from my critics how she is the “fascist” whom we must all oppose.


Breaking: French Presidential Election: Macron and Le Pen in Run-Off?

Macron and Le Pen projected to contest French election run-off

The struggle to defend CEU is about much more than Soros

Hungary’s right-wing government is shutting down one of Europe’s leading universities — yet the liberal media in the West mostly fail to appreciate its real significance.

The mass protest of over 10,000 people on Sunday, as well as yesterday’s protest of solidarity, was not organized by CEU, but by the Hungarian Freedom for Education Movement. The majority of protesters were Hungarians.

By Anita Buhin  Roar Magazine  April 5, 2017

Iran’s ‘Exemplary’ Refugee Resettlement Efforts Praised By UN

In a file picture dated 03 April 2006, Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard special forces participate in military manoeuvers at an undisclosed location near the Gulf. AFP/Getty Images Iran, one of the states targeted by Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, is a country from which the US could learn a lot on the resettlement of refugees, the UN has said. The Soviet War in Afghanistan displaced six million people to neighbouring Iran and Pakistan in 1979. Almost four decades later, the Tehran government still shelters around one million registered Afghans, and up to two million are thought to also be living in the country – making Iran home to the world’s fourth largest refugee population. “The leadership demonstrated by the Iranian government has been exemplary in hosting refugees and keeping borders open,” Sivanka Dhanapala, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Tehran, said on Wednesday. -more-

By Bethan McKernan for the Independent  Popular Resistance  March 19, 2017

"In Cuba we do not forget the lessons of history," says a statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry

“We do not forget the lessons of history in Cuba”, says a statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry | Photo: Reuters

The Cuban government warned of a destabilization plan by Almagro and the United States. To damage the international image of the country and to affect the good progress of diplomatic relations with other nations.

The Foreign Ministry of Cuba (Minrex) issued a statement Wednesday rejecting attacks against progressive governments such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro.

Telesur English  February 22, 2017

Report Back From Nordic Peace Tour

1copenhBy Bruce Gagnon of Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. One of the big issues facing Denmark is the US pushing them to purchase the F-35 fighter plane that is getting lots of bad reviews for being a complicated and temperamental war plane. Peace activists there are organizing a campaign to block their government from buying the planes – the US is even demanding they purchase spare parts up front which is not a real confidence builder in the quality of the plane. Just like in all the other meetings Dave and I participated in during this trip, the demonization of Russia by NATO was at the forefront in our discussions. One Danish woman in the meeting said, “We’ve got to work together globally and do it around NATO which is at the center of what is creating tensions.” -more-

Posted by Popular Resistance  February 15, 2017

Ecuador Elections 2017

Ecuador kicked off its election campaign Jan 3. ahead of the Feb. 19 vote that will determine whether President Rafael Correa’s progressive policies and so-called “Citizen’s Revolution” will continue in the South American country for another four years. READ MORE

Telesur English  January 26, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn Accused of Being Russian “Collaborator” for Questioning NATO Troop Build-Up on Border

Few behaviors are more dangerous than escalating tensions between these two nuclear-armed powers.

The Intercept

Protests in Mexico Push Country to Brink of Revolution and Nobody’s Talking About It

It’s time to start paying attention to what’s happening right now in Mexico.

The Anti-Media  January 10, 2017

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