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“Everyone,” she said. “Propaganda always wins, if you allow it.”

Chris Hedges interviews Seymour Hersh on the State of American Journalism (Video)

We are sodden with fake news, hyped-up and incomplete information and false assertions delivered non-stop daily…”

War and the Environment | Edward Snowden, Daniel Ellsberg (by video), Ann Wright and more (Video)

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is honored for his work for integrity and ethics by previous recipients of the Sam Adams Award and others.

RISE UP TIMES | People Powered Media

Rise Up Times, People Powered Media

After Hersh Investigation, Media Connive in Propaganda War on Syria by Jonathan Cook

Washington has sought to deflect attention from Hersh’s alternative narrative and shore up the official one through misdirection.

Jeremy Scahill | Intercepted Podcast: The Clock Strikes 13, and Donald Trump is President

Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald and Editor-in-Chief Betsy Reed join Jeremy Scahill for a discussion on the crazy apocalyptic present in which we find ourselves.

Seymour Hersh: What Really Led to the Killing of Osama bin Laden

“When your version comes out — if you do it — people in Pakistan will be tremendously grateful,” Durrani told me. “For a long time people have stopped trusting what comes out about bin Laden from the official mouths. There will be some negative political comment and some anger, but people like to be told the truth, and what you’ve told me is essentially what I have heard from former colleagues who have been on a fact finding mission since this episode.”

Hersh Vindicated? Turkish Whistleblowers Corroborate Story on False Flag Sarin Attack in Syria

“Today’s Zaman”: The purpose was to create the perception that, according to Şeker, “Assad killed his people with sarin and that requires a US military intervention in Syria.”

Rebecca Gordon|Saying No to Torture: A Gallery of American Heroes 

“No exceptional circumstances whatsoever, whether a state of war or a threat of war, internal political instability, or any other public emergency, may be invoked as a justification of torture.”

The Red Line and the Rat Line: Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels

Operations are always so super-secret in the planning but that all flies out the window when it comes to crowing afterwards. There is no greater vulnerability than in the perpetrators claiming credit for success.’ Erdoğan’s problems in Syria would soon be over: ‘Off goes the gas and Obama will say red line and America is […]

▶ Seymour Hersh: Obama “Cherry Picked” Intel on Syrian Chemical Attack to Justify U.S. Strike (2 of 2)

Published on Dec 9, 2013 http://www.democracynow.org – Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh joins us to discuss his new article casting doubt on the veracity of the Obama administration’s claims that only the Assad regime could have carried out the chemical attacks in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta earlier this year. Writing in the London Review of Books, Hersh […]

John Tirman> Why Was No One Punished for America’s “My Lai” in Iraq?

Why Was No One Punished for America’s “My Lai” in Iraq? The U.S. military presence in Iraq was marked by the callous American attitude toward civilians, and the thorough lack of accountability in the military justice system. AlterNet / By John Tirman |  February 12, 2012    The plea bargain in the last Haditha massacre case handed down in January […]

Seymour Hersh> Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Now Being Reused Over Iran’s Nuke Program

November 21, 2011    Democracy Now While the United States, Britain and Canada are planning to announce a coordinated set of sanctions against Iran’s oil and petrochemical industry today, longtime investigative journalist Seymour Hersh questions the growing consensus on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. International pressure has been mounting on Iran since the U.N. International […]

Great books to read, by Barry Laycock

Reading List: Books I Have Found Useful 1. “Chain of Command “ by Seymour Hersh 2. “The Twentieth Century: A People’s History” by Howard Zinn 3. “The Shock Doctrine “ by Naomi Klein 4. “A Pretext For War” by James Bamford 5. “Fiasco; the American Adventure In Iraq” by Thomas E Ricks 6. “Contrary Notions: The […]

Seeing Mushroom Clouds Again, by Polly Mann

Seeing Mushroom Clouds Again By Polly Mann   WAMM Newsletter   July/August 2011 Washington and a compliant media appear to be having visions again, seeing things that others in the world cannot. The six-page article appearing in the June 6 edition of The New Yorker, “Iran and the Bomb,” by eminent journalist Seymour Hersh, has […]