Chris Hedges: You Saved Julian Assange

This sustained pressure — during a London hearing in 2020, to my delight, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser of the Old Bailey court overseeing Julian’s case, complained about the noise protestors were making in the street outside — shines a continuous light on injustice and exposes the amorality of the ruling class.

Glenn Greenwald: Julian Assange’s Plea Deal: EXPLAINED

Unless you are somebody who has been in [Assange’s] position and has shown a willingness to sacrifice even more than Assange has ─ nobody has any standing to object to what Assange chose to do [in pleading guilty to charges of espionage] but that doesn't mean that the decision they forced him into [for freedom] isn't incredibly dangerous to the Press freedoms that the United States repeatedly claims around the world that it protects.

Assange Wins! Highlights of the Day

Stella (Assange's wife): Thank you. I want to be very clear today marks a turning point. We went into court and we sat and heard the United States fumbling through their arguments trying to paint lipstick on a pig; they are pigs, Well, the judges were not convinced [Applause]. Everyone can see what's going on here. The United States case is offensive; it offends our Democratic principles; it offends our right to know. It is an attack on journalists everywhere, people everywhere. [Applause]

The Belmarsh Tribunal, Free Assange, hosted by Democracy Now!

What is at stake: To all people of conscience an exhortation to act: "We will not be silent." Expert witnesses from the U.S. and Europe speak to what amounts to the "framing" of Julian Assange, how his case progressed as Trump filed the indictments, then to the hearings, and to how all of this will affect free speech if Assange is extradited and found guilty in a U.S. court for publishing the truth about American drones' "collateral damage" in the murder of civilians. Mike Pompeo characterized WikiLeaks (a publisher!) as an "enemy espionage organization" for the release of condemning CIA data. And the global rise of fascism begins with targeting and discrediting journalists. Freedom of the press and the right of people to know what their government is doing as well as the rights of journalists and their publishers of all viewpoints to publish the truth is threatened, but Biden foolishly pushes forward to extradite Assange instead of freeing him, although journalist and human rights organizations as well as heads of state worldwide have spoken up for Assange, press freedom, and the people's right to the truth.

John Pilger: We are Spartacus

From Washington and London, the virulence has no limit. Israel, the colonial anachronism and unleashed attack dog, is armed to the teeth and granted historical impunity so that ‘we’ the West ensure the blood and tears never dry in Palestine.

Matt Taibbi: Dao Prize Acceptance Speech and Interview with Glenn Greenwald

Bari Weiss, Michael Shellenberger and I win the inaugural Dao Prize for excellence in investigative journalism, for the Twitter Files reports. Dao Prize Acceptance Speech MATT TAIBBI / Racket News / November 2, 2023    I was a little nervous in Washington last night, so my speech didn’t come out exactly like this, but this More

Rise Up Times, Media for Justice and Peace, September/October Summary

Share Tweet Forward DONATE TODAY Media for Justice and Peace New Posts for September/October, 2023 PLEASE SHARE WIDELY Rise Up Times: Articles of substance you won’t find in the mainstream corporate media Art by Cartoonist Mr. Fish Chris Hedges Report: Israel’s Long War on Gaza with Norman Finkelstein Mass Protests Have Failed To Bring More

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