The extradition case against Julian Assange is now entering its final phase — and the international pressure for his freedom is mounting.

Editorial note: What’s at stake? To all people of conscience an exhortation to act: “We will not be silent.” Expert witnesses from the U.S. and Europe speak to what amounts to the “framing” of Julian Assange: how his case progressed as Trump filed the indictments, then to the hearings, and to how all of this will affect free speech if Assange is extradited and found guilty in a U.S. court for publishing the truth about American drones’s “collateral damage” in the murder of civilians. Mike Pompeo characterized WikiLeaks (a publisher!) as an “enemy espionage organization” for the release of condemning CIA data. And the global rise of fascism begins with targeting and discrediting journalists. Freedom of the press and the rights of people to know what their governments are doing as well as the rights of journalists and their publishers of all viewpoints to publish the truth is threatened, but Biden foolishly pushes forward to extradite Assange instead of freeing him, although journalist and human rights organizations as well as heads of state worldwide have spoken up for Assange, press freedom, and the people’s right to the truth.

From Presidents and Prime Ministers to Nobel Peace Prize winners, the international community is crying out against the injustice of Assange’s prosecution — and its implication for press freedom worldwide.

On 9 December [2023], the world’s leading journalists, lawyers, and human rights defenders [gathered] at the National Press Club in Washington, DC as witnesses to the Biden administration’s crackdown on free speech and the First Amendment. Join them. It’s not too late to stand on the [just] side of history.

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! and Ryan Grim. The Intercept


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