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Protesters in St. Paul, MN march in response to the killing of Philando Castile (Fibonacci Blue / Flickr)

Democracy Now! Police Killed John Thompson’s Friend Philando Castile. Now He Is a Lawmaker Fighting Racist Policing

Rep. John Thompson from the Minnesota Legislature discusses bills re police accountability and barriers in the Republican state senate

End Minnesota Complicity in the Suffering of the Palestinian People, by Lucia Wilkes Smith

General Mills/Pillsbury complicit in occupation of Palestine.

Hennepin County Takes On Full Funding for SWLRT

The Minnesota legislature refused to fund Southwest Light Rail Transit. SWLRT is the most expensive public works project ever proposed in our state at a constantly escalating price of $2.2-plus-billion. While the state legislature did not approve SWLRT funding, every other light-rail project has been supported by Democrats and Republicans. By Susu Jeffrey  August 2, […]


Status and action needed for particular antiprotest/antidissent bills in the Minnesota State Legislature.

Ann Galloway> A.L.E.C. exposed in Minnesota

A.L.E.C. exposed in Minnesota by Ann Galloway  February 7, 2012 via Veterans for Peace, Minnesota Chapter 27 http://www.alecmatch.org/  This list is from A.L.E.C. exposed. I added their cities/towns in their districts and what committees they are on. So is your Rep or Senator on this list and are they serving the public or Corporations that […]

Will Congress disrupt diplomacy? An ill-advised peace of legislation

Will Congress disrupt diplomacy? WILLIAM O. BEEMAN, Minneapolis Star Tribune Please take time to Click here to comment on this issue. In an ill-advised piece of legislation, Congress is using opposition to Iran as an excuse to attack President Obama’s executive authority. The “Iran Threat Reduction Act” (HR1905), passed on Nov. 2 by the House Foreign […]

Being Smart about ALEC> Carol Masters

Being Smart about ALEC By Carol Masters  WAMM Newsletter   October 2011 A “Wall Street” street sign is superimposed on the image for the Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development link on ALEC’s web site. What Is ALEC? The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC.org) comprises not only legislators but “members of the private sector who share ALEC’s […]