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Common Dreams | RESIST DAY #50: What You Can Do Today

Actions to take, phone calls to make, calendars, and more, made easy by Common Dreams.

Turn Widespread Discontent Into Mass Movement

What should the movement be doing in the era of Trump?

Claire Goldstene: The War on (Poor) Women

Goldstene: A signal achievement of Second Wave Feminism was the extension to poorer women of greater access to a full range of healthcare, frequently with the assistance of federal and state financial support. Across the country, women’s health centers have met a critical need for low-income patients in the arena of reproductive health. But as in so many other areas of social policy in recent years, dwindling political support for public programs is felt most acutely by those most in need.

Popular Resistance: Fifteen Core Issues the Country Must Face

PopularResistance.org These are fifteen core issues that are in crisis in the United States. This list was developed during the organizing process for the Occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. There are solutions to each of these crises and many of them are supported by a majority of the population, but instead of considering […]

Popular Resistance Newsletter — Revolution Of The Mind Is Underway

NEWSLETTER November 1st, 2013  PopularResistance.org Powered by Translate Chris Hedges has an important essay in Truthdig this week, Our Invisible Revolution. [Posted separately on WAMMToday]  Essentially he describes a revolution of the mind in which people’s consciousness are raised as they become aware of the inability of the current governmental and economic systems to respond to the […]

Nygaard Notes #532: On Meaning

Nygaard Notes Independent Periodic News and Analysis Number 532, June 13, 2013 On the Web at   http://www.nygaardnotes.org/   ****** 1.  “Quote” of the Week: “That May Suit Investors” 2.  How We Make Meaning: Anchors and Categories 3.  Propaganda ABCs as Anchors 4.  Getting Meaning from Categories Subscribe or “Follow” us on WAMMToday.org. For the TC EVENTS calendar and the […]

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