What’s on Polly Mann’s Mind? Shame on the Congress

The U.S. has bombed no less than 30 countries since the end of World War II, killing millions of people…   

Shame on the Congress, which had been allocated $6 billion through its Payroll Protection Program to help small business owners, who just happened to be: (1) elite foreign-owned companies, (2) large chains backed by well-heeled Wall Street firms, and (3) private schools catering to elite clientele. Nearly 90,000 companies took the aid without promising that they would rehire workers or create jobs.

And Prof. Emeritus Michael D. Knox, Univ. of Florida, reminds us of our country’s militaristic history:

The U.S. has bombed no less than 30 countries since the end of World War II, killing millions of people, maiming tens of millions more, disrupting and destroying education, healthcare, housing, businesses, infrastructure, and the environment, and creating untold millions of refugees. Since 1946 no country has killed or injured more people living outside its boundaries.

If people would refuse to support, fund, kill, or participate in the process, there would be no war. We need to reset and have a fresh start. Forty-seven percent of the population’s income taxes go to the military. [Other estimates show an even higher percentage of the federal discretionary budget going to the military.]

The people who profit from war are the arms manufacturers, while hunger, homelessness, and illnesses prevail.

Polly Mann is a co-founder of WAMM and regular contributor to the newsletter.


Truth is not fake news. 
Justice is not fake news.

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