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Documents for raids on anti-war activists unsealed!

For Immediate Release: Documents for raids on anti-war activists unsealed Reveal McCarthyite attack on free speech, right to organize FFI: Jess Sundin 612-272-2209  www.stopfbi.net Link to unsealed documents: http://www.stopfbi.net/sites/default/files/Search%20Warrant%20Files%20Part%20I%20r.pdf On Feb. 26, the application and affidavit used to obtain the search warrants for the 2010 raids on homes and offices of anti-war and international solidarity […]

NATOG8 Protest Photos> May 20, 2012

The March WAMM at the Rally and March Some of the Minnesota groups participating besides WAMM (specifically members of the Middle East Committee with other WAMM members)  and the Anti-war Committee—who together organized the trip—were representatives from the Welfare Rights Committee, Freedom Road, Committee to Stop FBI repression, Students for a Democratic Society, TC Peace […]

Poster> Witch Hunt

Anything goes: the new FBI guidelines, Center for Constitutional Rights

Anything goes: the new FBI guidelines From The Progressive Media Project By Michael Ratner and Margaret Ratner Kunstler, June 21, 2010 The FBI should not be given more power to spy on dissenters in America. In fact, it should not have that power at all. Once upon a time, the FBI could investigate a person or […]

Carlos Montes and the Security State: A Cautionary Tale by Chris Hedges

Carlos Montes and the Security State: A Cautionary Tale Carlos Montes addresses supporters at a rally outside the Alhambra branch of Los Angeles County Superior Court on June 6. By Chris Hedges   Posted on Jul 10, 2011 Truthdig On May 17 at 5 inthe morning the Chicano activist Carlos Montes got a wake-up call at his home in […]

Videos from the amazing Peacestock 2011: Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Jack Nelson Pallmeyer, along with Daniel Ellsberg

If you run the stream from this link, you will get all the videos, plus a video of Obama speaking on the budget deficit, and at the end of the stream some others of Obama and a Minneapolis press conference and rally in support of Carlos Montes. On July 9th, 2011, the 9th Annual Peacestock: […]

Local Support for Carlos Montes

Minneapolis peace activists rallied on the Lake Street Bridge on July 6 in support of recently arrested friend and ally, Carlos Montes. He was in the Twin Cities for the Republican National Convention in 2008 and has been vocal in support of peace activists targeted by the FBI.

Press coverage: Committee to Stop FBI Repression–links to articles

Press coverage:  Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Carlos Montes Committee to Stop FBI Repression:  StopFBI.net We’ve received a great deal of press coverage in the last two weeks, most of it focused on Carlos Montes’ case. A list of all our media coverage is available on the Press Coverage page of the StopFBI.net website. 7/9/2011 Being Anti-War […]