Press coverage: Committee to Stop FBI Repression–links to articles

Press coverage:  Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Carlos Montes

Committee to Stop FBI Repression:

We’ve received a great deal of press coverage in the last two weeks, most of it focused on Carlos Montes’ case. A list of all our media coverage is available on the Press Coverage page of the website.

7/9/2011 Being Anti-War Is Not a Crime — But That’s Not Stopping the FBI From Raiding Activists’ Homes AlterNet
7/8/2011 “Selective enforcement” charged in raid of Chicano activist’s home People’s World
7/7/2011 Twin Cities says, “Hey FBI: Hands off Carlos Montes!” Fight Back! News
7/7/2011 Alhambra resident, Chicano activist pleads not guilty to six felonies Pasadena Star-News
7/6/2011 Audio: Then They Came for Me – Civil Liberties in Peril in Chicago A-Infos Radio Project
7/6/2011 Nationally known Chicano activist charges FBI with targeting him for political speech Southern California Public Radio
7/6/2011 FBI Targeting of Local Activist Carlos Montes Mark Grim New Era of Activist Repression Uprising Radio
7/6/2011 Jess Sundin speaks out on FBI repression against anti-war activists Fight Back! News
7/6/2011 WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange & Philosopher Slavoj Žižek With Amy Goodman Democracy Now!
7/6/2011 Shoring up the national security state Middle East Report
7/5/2011 Police state unnecessary Boston Herald
6/30/2011 5 Outrageous Examples of FBI Intimidation and Entrapment AlterNet
6/28/2011 Solidaridad en protesta con el activista pro inmigrante Carlos Montes Gente de Minnesota
6/28/2011 Committee to Stop FBI Repression marches in Minneapolis LGBTQ Pride parade Fight Back! News
6/27/2011 New Changes to FBI Guidelines Call into Question Proposal to Extend FBI Director’s Term Electronic Frontier Foundation
6/27/2011 FBI Raids Target U.S. Activists The Stream
6/27/2011 US government moves to criminalize Palestine solidarity Electronic Intifada
6/27/2011 Criminalising Palestinian solidarity Al Jazeera English

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