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If you run the stream from this link, you will get all the videos, plus a video of Obama speaking on the budget deficit, and at the end of the stream some others of Obama and a Minneapolis press conference and rally in support of Carlos Montes.

On July 9th, 2011, the 9th Annual Peacestock: A Gathering for Peace took place at Windbeam Farm in Hager City WI. Peacestock (formerly “Pigstock”) is a mixture of music, speakers, and community for peace in an idylic location near the Mississippi, just one hour’s drive from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Peacestock is sponsored by Veterans for Peace, Chapter 115, and has a peace-themed agenda.

from The Uptake.  Video by Bill Sorem

Here are the direct links:

Cynthia McKinney and Ray McGovern expressed solidarity with the Twin City victims of FBI suppression of peace activists.

Next is Ray McGovern giving a talk at Peacestock 2011:  Former CIA analyst McGovern returns from stalled Gaza Flotilla.  As a senior CIA analyst, Ray McGovern was in charge of preparing daily security briefs for President Reagan and later for President George H.W. Bush. Since retiring, he has became a vocal peace advocate.  McGovern’s video is in two parts.

The next video in the stream is Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, an American academic who teaches justice and peace studies at the University of St. Thomas in the Twin Cities. He sought the endorsement of the state’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party as a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2008 and did not succeed. Nelson-Pallmeyer spoke at Peacestock 2011 near Hager City, Wis., and told people gathered that this is a decade of opportunity.

He cited four actions that would solve the current budget crisis:
1. Single payer health care
2. Fair tax system on all incomes
3. Transaction tax on speculative investments
4. Remove cap on Social Security contributions (currently $106,000 annual income), which he said would make Social Security healthy forever

Nelson-Pallmeyer also argued for reducing American imperialism and a 70% reduction in war expenditures. Pallmeyer and others from St. Martin’s Table are starting an organization that will educate Minnesotans about the connections between the state and federal budgets.

And next:  Former Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party Presidential Nominee Cynthia McKinney spoke. McKinney has an international reputation for her peace efforts including receiving The Munich American Peace Committee Peace Prize in 2010. She recently returned from Libya where she appeared on Libyan TV. She has earned the enmity of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) for attempting to deliver aid to Gaza. Her craft was sunk on the high seas, endangering her life.

Daniel Ellsberg joined Peacestock via Skype.  A voice version of his talk is available on the Peacestock website (www.peacestockvfp.org) or from the links below.

Listen to Daniel Ellsberg’s presentation.

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