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Video: “Sometimes we may hurt like the Afghan dove”

Uploaded by ourjourneytosmile on Jul 4, 2011 Dear friends in an antagonistic world, In the face of a broken Afghan dove, what can the people ask for? In the face of possible ‘doom’, what can we ask for? Y Not listen? Y Not Converse? Have conversations between the People and world leaders become so impossible in these ‘democratic’ […]

Press coverage: Committee to Stop FBI Repression–links to articles

Press coverage:  Committee to Stop FBI Repression and Carlos Montes Committee to Stop FBI Repression:  StopFBI.net We’ve received a great deal of press coverage in the last two weeks, most of it focused on Carlos Montes’ case. A list of all our media coverage is available on the Press Coverage page of the StopFBI.net website. 7/9/2011 Being Anti-War […]

There Are Some People Who Don’t Like Change; For Everyone Else There’s Wikileaks

There Are Some People Who Don’t Like Change; For Everyone Else There’s Wikileaks from WarIsACrime.org   David Swanson’s Blog Wikileaks brillant MasterCard Commercial Parody

Our Afghan War: Immoral, Ilegal, Ineffective… and It Costs Too Much

Our Afghan War: Immoral, Ilegal, Ineffective… and It Costs Too Much by Leah Bolger    Published on Monday, July 4, 2011    CommonDreams.org The Afghanistan War.  War itself is inherently immoral, but especially so when the fight is not between two state-sponsored militaries, but rather between a military superpower and a third-world country with 70% of […]

The story of two brothers and their courageous walk across the country

The story of two brothers and their courageous walk across the country:  Minnesota Move to Amend.  No corporate personhood. About a year ago, on May 16th to be exact,  two brothers – both Vietnam veterans and both in their 60s, with deep roots in Minnesota – set out to walk across the country for democracy; California; Nevada; Utah; […]

Chris Hedges speaks in TC, April 20, 2011

Chris Hedges on the State of America Chris Hedges spoke about his new book, The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress, the state of American Democracy, American mainstream media, and answered questions from the audience. The full talk is included here.  Click on the link and it will take you to […]

Chris Hedges talks about the FBI and Citizen Journalism

Uploaded by UpTakeVideo on Apr 22, 2011 After speaking at Macalester College on Wednesday night, award-winning journalist Chris Hedges was asked about the FBI’s role in the recent targeting of peace activists in the Twin Cities and elsewhere in the Midwest. Nine had their homes searched and were issued subpoenas to appear before a Grand […]

Hobbits, rings, and reforms

Hobbits, rings, and reforms Comments by Josh Silver at Change the Media, Change the World, NCMR 2011 It has now been over a week since I returned from the National Conference on Media Reform.  As I reflect on all I heard, all I learned, all I understood, one image seems to haunt me, and that […]

The Sacred Cow on Tax Day

How is the War Economy Working for You? A WAMMToday Editorial Comment What no one bothers to mention in all this going after the corporations who have not paid their taxes is that the weapons’ manufacturers have profited greatly from the wars.  (Although GE is also a weapons’ manufacturer, but I see no mention of […]

Lawrence Lessig at NCMR 11

From Thoreau to Keds, what you can do.   rootstriker.org via YouTube – Lawrence Lessig at NCMR 11. Just a little of his background: Lawrence Lessig is the director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics at Harvard University and a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. My notes: he has lots […]

Malkia Cyril, Center for Media Justice, on corporate power vs. the people–we need a new kind of merger . . .

I need you, I need you, I need freedom . . . We sit at the door of an incredible opportunity . . . Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice Malkia Cyril spoke at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston on April 8, 2011. The conference was presented by Free Press. […]

Change the Media, Change the World: The National Conference on Media Reform

Change the Media, Change the World:  The National Conference on Media Reform Impressions and Comments by Sue Ann Martinson What happens when 2500 media mavens who are organizers, techies, professors, students, high school teachers, activists, citizen journalists, and media advocates of all stripes get together?  That’s what happened the weekend of April 8-10, 2011 in […]

It’s time: A reflection on war, family and action

It’s time: A reflection on war, family and action The story of Lisa Gray and Corporal Andrew Wilfahrt BY LISA GRAY April 04, 2011            Twin City Daily Planet  tcdailyplanet.net Reposted with permission from the author. The headline in The Washington Post from March 2nd, 2011 read,“Lt. Gen. John Kelly, who lost his […]

Troops Home Now March 19

Bring the Troops Home! March 19