The Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal will hold accountable—through testimony of witnesses—U.S. Weapons manufacturers who knowingly produce and sell products which attack and kill non-combatants. These manufacturers may have committed Crimes Against Humanity as well as violated U.S. Federal criminal laws. The Tribunal will hear the evidence and render a verdict.

More about the Merchants of Death Tribunal

The opening session of the Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal introduces the Tribunal and presents its first evidence. This segment examines Gaza and the role U.S. weapons makers play in funding war crimes in that region.

During the Opening Session of the Tribunal, we referenced a document from War Industry expert Christian Sorensen entitled “Mapping the Business of War” which lists the location of weapons makers in the U.S. and which weapons systems they are working on. That map can be found here.

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The emailing of videos will last approximately four months. During that time, we will have periodic live-stream meetups inviting you to participate with us in discussion about the evidence AND to discuss actions you would like to take in your community. The next meetup session will be Sunday, December 3 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Register here!

At the conclusion of the viewing of all the evidence, during a live-streamed event, the jurors of the tribunal will render a verdict. A detailed written report will follow and be published.

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