VFP members, like so many others in the struggle for peace and justice, are always on the defensive because corporations wield governing power and we are always reacting to them — fighting another specific weapons system, another invasion, another human rights violation.

How Different Our Work Would Be in a Democracy

Presenters: Mike Ferner, Greg Coleridge
Part of the Veterans For Peace 2023 Online Convention

We can be leaders in showing how we can do that work, while also overthrowing corporate rule so we [the people] are “running the show” and not the other way around.

Mike Ferner

Interim Director, Veterans for Peace

Graduating high school in 1969 “with a head full of John Wayne movies,” Mike enlisted as a Navy corpsman and tried to reassemble pieces of G.I.s who arrived at Great Lakes Naval Hospital on frequent medevac flights from Vietnam, leading him to become a war resister and conscientious objector after serving on the carrier USS Hancock.  

He has been a union organizer, member of Toledo City Council, and communications director for the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy.

Mike accompanied Kathy Kelly to Iraq just prior to the U.S. invasion in 2003, returning in 2004 for two months and wrote Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran For Peace Reports from Iraq. Through 2010 he was busy speaking against the war and getting arrested for civil resistance.

Previously he was a member and president of VFP’s board, with one other stint as Interim Director. 

Greg Coleridge

Co-Director, Move to Amend

Greg Coleridge is Co-Director of Move to Amend, the national organization getting congressional sponsors on a constitutional amendment to deny corporations the rights of people and end “money = speech.”  

For over 30 years he worked for the American Friends Service Committee in Ohio where he educated, advocated and organized on a range of justice, peace, environmental and democracy issues.He currently maintains and distributes via email a weekly REAL Democracy History Calendar and Monetary History Calendar.

He is a Board Member of the Alliance for Just Money (AFJM). He previously served an elected term on the national governing board of Common Cause and was a Principal with the Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD).

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