Iraq Today: 32 years of war, sanctions and occupation since 1991

A talk for Women Against Military Madness   May 19, 2023


SAMI RASOULISami Rasouli, a naturalized American citizen, has returned to Minnesota after 18 years in his native Iraq. A few years after Shock and Awe destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure and the U.S. began invading and occupying Iraq, Sami left Minneapolis and his successful restaurant business and returned to the city of Najaf to act as a people-to-people bridge of peace between his two countries. In Iraq, he founded the Muslim Peacekeeper Team, and an Arabic-English language institute. He brought medical and academic professionals, civic and business leaders to the U.S., and invited interested Americans to Iraq. He embarked on many speaking tours throughout the U.S. to inform people about conditions in Iraq. He continues to be a bridge with his eyewitness accounts of what happens to a country after U.S. bombing, invasion, and occupation. Sami can be reached at or 612-446-9267.

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