When Seymour Hersh tells us that the United States just bombed the German Russian Pipeline and people were a little concerned about that all of a sudden that Chinese weather balloon comes over and guess what, we’re all distracted.

Psychopathy and Propaganda: The Psychology 101 that Everyone Needs to Know


Coleen Rowley spoke at the Women Against Military Madness Annual Meeting on March 25, 2023,  Coleen’s talk starts about 11 minutes i

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Coleen Rowley leads WAMM’s “Tackling Torture at the Top” action group. She was one of Time Magazine’s People of the Year in 2002 for whistleblowing about 911.

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By Published On: April 2nd, 2023Comments Off on Coleen Rowley, Psychopathy and Propaganda: The Psychology 101 that Everyone Needs to Know

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