Whatever the content of the speeches and that the World Socialist summary of the event concluded that the direction from the podium was too far-right leaning instead of balanced, these photos by Ellen Davidson of Peace & Planet News  of many of the march participants with their signs show that the peace and justice movement was present and accounted for at the rally and march.

Here is the link to the full photo album of wonderful photos by Ellen Davidson with commentary:

Chris Hedges has posted his speech at the rally and Caitlin Johnstone has an article about the myth that anti-war protests make no difference in discussing the march and rally. Both are posted separately on Rise Up Times.

Aaron Mate conducted interviews of individuals throughout the march and rally, now posted on You Tube.

Here is just one of Ellen’s photos.

The Organic Consumers Association, located in Finland MN, is an activist organization seeking to build a powerful coalition to bring about cooperation and synergy between the peace movement, the climate crisis movement, and the organic community. (Long a favorite of Rise Up Times editor Sue Ann) Organic

Here is Ellen’s note about the march and rally and a link to the photo album:
On Mon, Feb 20, 2023 at 2:46 PM ‘Ellen Davidson’ via Peace and Planet News <> wrote:
Yesterday’s Rage Against the War Machine rally and march was an interesting experiment in creating a left-right alliance around the issue of war and militarism. While there were certainly a lot of signs and views that I wouldn’t not agree with, we managed to hand out 400 copies of Peace & Planet News to people who probably had not seen anything like it (among other things, it contains the full text of MLK’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech at Riverside Church in 1967).
Here is the link to the full photo album of wonderful photos with commentary:

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