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Mr. Fish

Dwayne Booth  ScheerPost  June 21, 2021  Editor’s Note: Apologies to Mr. Booth and the readership for getting his first name wrong in some places. It is Dwayne Booth, aka Mr. Fish, which does not take away from this cartoon of Clark Kent burning his Superman suit. along with the words about pointless perpetual violence and the antedote of collective action. 

Dwayne Booth (a.k.a., Mr. Fish) is a cartoonist, freelance writer, and ScheerPost’s artistic director, and he has been published in many reputable and prestigious magazines, journals and newspapers. In addition to Harper’s Magazine, his work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The Village Voice, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones Magazine, the Advocate, Z Magazine, the Utne Reader,, and various European newspapers. He has also written novels, screenplays, short fiction and cultural criticism collections, and several volumes of political cartoons.

Artist site  Dwayne Booth

If You Give Me A Fish art by Ricardo Levins Morales.


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  1. Do the younger generations get the Clark Kent reference? They must. I can’t help but comment on the many layers to this cartoon. First is the obvious Clark Kent who is of course Superman. And it will take an Superman effort to overcome what the words at the top convey. Next layer is that Clark Kent is a reporter, a journalist. So alluding to the role of journalists in getting the truth out about the propaganda that leads to the cynical state we are in as perpetual victims, slaves to the “pointless perpetuation of intoxicating violence.” The featured image I have included from Ricardo Levins Morales–no pun is intended on Mr. Fish’s name. Rather it is the conclusion about collective action to change things that Mr. Fish’s words conclude with. Website for Booth: Website for Ricardo Levins Morales:

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