Predicting the havoc that the Trump administration has let loose, by Brave New Films

NOTE: This video from Brave New Films is from October 28, 2015 

Here is a quote from this brief video that was made by Brave New Films in 2015. It could have been made yesterday.

“Nothing [is] funny about the real world consequences of his racist hate speech.”

Minneapolis, and now Kenosha, with reverberations all over the country. The hate just goes on and on, ignited and enflamed by Trump’s racist rhetoric.

I am not a sports fan. I got too much of it growing up in a family with four brothers. Baseball and basketball are for the most part OK, but football and hockey are violent.  While a step up from throwing the Christians to the lions as a spectator sport, they encourage violence.  But…it is great to see the major sports events being cancelled as the country rallies against the racist actions of the police in Kenosha.

Trump, while he calls himself a “law and order” president, actually has created the opposite effect, by corrupting and giving permission for young men like Rittenhouse to commit murder and by calling out troops and supporting violent law enforcement.

So we are still in the #DUMPTRUMP mode. Noam Chomsky calls him the most dangerous president, worse than Hitler. Think about it. Under Trump we have the gutting of the EPA and the laws for saving our planet with denial about the climate crisis. We have the incarceration of immigrants being warehoused in prisons while corporations reap the profit. We have children kept in cages. We have an unbalanced economy—while Wall Street thrives and the billionaires grow richer, the average working person suffers and more people fall into the poverty category. Add to that the COVID-19 virus, totally mishandled by the Trump administration. . . .

Minneapolis has been under curfew for the past two nights.  Again. Our freedoms are being destroyed. And you might argue it is by people of color, especially Black people, and with Trump blame the protesters, but it is the racists, the white supremacists, who are really the cause with their murders of innocents, their voter suppression, their walls, and all the rest of their racist actions.  And Trump himself and his blatant Racism encouraging violence.


Truth is not fake news.  Justice is not fake news.

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By Published On: August 28th, 20202 Comments on #Dump Trump (Again)


  1. FOTOROTO September 22, 2020 at 12:30 PM

    Here you get a free illustration of Dictator Trumpf…

  2. […] into the present era, especially under Trump, whose call for “law and order” functions as “an enabling tool for providing an open season on killing Black men.” Moreover, “law and order” as a defining principle of Trump’s mode of governance is best […]

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