Daniel Berrigan: The Hole in the Ground, A Parable for Peacemakers

The Hole in the Ground: A Parable for Peacemakers is a compelling account of the drain of the arms race on human and material resources and the complicity of corporations and the American community in supporting the death trade. In the face of despair, Daniel Berrigan asks us to choose life, to choose for our future and the future of the world’s children.

Published by Rise Up Times  May 9, 2020

Today is Daniel Berrigan’s birthdate.  His spirit lives on, as the courageous members of the Kings Bay Plowshares7 face sentencing at the end of this month.  Liz McAlister, Philip Berrigan’s wife, is one of the Plowshares activists being sentenced.

In 1987 Daniel Berrigan came to Minneapolis under the auspices of the Honeywell Project and gave this speech to 800 people gathered to hear him. The next day many were arrested at Honeywell Corporation, manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction.

His speech, The Hole in the Ground, A Parable for Peacemakers, was transcribed and printed the The Honeywell Project. It is unfortunately as relevant today as it was then.

The short parable is published on TheHoleintheGround.org website.  Click the title link to read the full parable.

On the website under About you will also find a moving account of The Life and Death of Daniel Berrigan bRev. John Dear of Campaign Nonviolence, who is Berrigan’s literary executor.

Printed copies of The Hole in the Ground, A Parable for Peacemakers, are available for purchase. Please contact seasnun@gmail.com for details.

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