Veterans who served in either Iraq or Afghanistan are no more supportive of those engagements than those who did not serve in these wars. And views do not differ based on rank or combat experience.

Kim Parker  is director of social trends research at Pew Research Center.

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Excerpt: Among veterans, 64% say the war in Iraq was not worth fighting considering the costs versus the benefits to the United States, while 33% say it was.


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  1. Stan Levin July 27, 2019 at 4:54 PM

    To the Government of Ireland:
    I identify as an American combat veteran of the Korea War. I am ninety years of age, an anti-war activist and advocate for global peace. I am a member of San Diego Chapter 91 Veterans For Peace, and a fraternal brother of Tarak Kauff and Ken Mayer, both of whom have my affection and respect. We have shared anti-war activity. Internationally, VFP has vigorously opposed the blatantly illegal expansion of the U.S. empire, which continues to grow primarily by means of military force. My government disregards human costs in its pursuit of world domination. We are the major threat to peace and stability on the planet. Recent events at Shannon Airport have captured the attention and imagination of the entire world. To be sure, there is no small amount of controversy with regard to Tarak and Ken gaining entrance to the field, being arrested, and inadvertently igniting a political firestorm over the act. With the gradual diminishing of passion over this event, cool heads must engage and prevail. The facts behind the intrusion must be exposed to reason. The court, of course, always has options available, some unknown to the public. But, in a civilized society, behind the determinations of the courts must lie fair and dispassionate disposition of any case. And there are to be anticipated and considered by the courts long-lived possible consequences after the dust has settled in the courtroom. No offense, but the government of Ireland is encouraging and assisting the monstrous war machine my country has become during my lifetime. By allowing our bombers to refuel at Shannon, Ireland enables and is party to our unlawful military incursions. This is no way for a neutral country to behave…. I respectfully ask that the Irish court(s) consider what the penalty would likely be for any other defendants faced with similar circumstances …. (Is there precedent?). Much is at stake. Many eyes are on Ireland to do what is right and what is just.
    Thank you,
    Stan Levin

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