Why should the United States have the power to control what others are doing elsewhere in the world? I mean, it’s an outlandish situation. It goes on all the time. We never even notice it. At least there’s no comment on it.

On April 12, 2019, hundreds of people packed into the Old South Church in Boston to hear the world-renowned dissident and linguist Noam Chomsky speak. In this hour-long special, we air an excerpt of Chomsky’s speech and his on-stage interview with Amy Goodman.

…we are not facing the rise of anything like Nazism, but we are facing the spread of what’s sometimes called the ultranationalist, reactionary international, trumpeted openly by its advocates…

You can put yourself in the—try to put yourself in the position of, say, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, the biggest bank, which is spending large sums in investment in fossil fuels. He certainly knows everything that you all know about global warming. It’s no secret. But what are the choices? Basically he has two choices. One choice is to do exactly what he’s doing. The other choice is to resign and be replaced by somebody else who will do exactly what he’s doing. It’s not an individual problem. It’s an institutional problem, which can be met, but only under tremendous public pressure.

Editor’s Note: The same may be said of the military-industrial-media complex, the huge military system with bases and installations worldwide. It is also an institutional problem, which can be challenged and changed only under tremendous public pressure. And is closely related to climate change, as the U.S. military is the largest user of fossil fuel in the world.

A massive system change is needed, and before that system change must come the cultural change that will make a system change possible. But we are up against time pressure with both climate change and with nuclear weapons and war, with the Doomsday clock moved to two minutes to nuclear midnight. The mainstream corporate media that functions to serve the corporate government instead of the people is also part of the institutional problem, as exemplified by the persecution and prosecution of truth-teller Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. 

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