Israeli snipers have also targeted as many or more than 44 journalists, wounding many and killing two.

Women Against Military Madness Newsletter  Vol. 36  Num. 2  May/June 2018
(Updated May 16, 2018)

Palestinian Women were in the lead in Gaza for the six-week Great March for Return, which began on March 30, 2018.

Sixty-one Palestinians have now been killed and over 2,700 injured by Israeli Security Forces. Many protesters sustained severe injuries and some lost their legs as the Israelis targeted them with live ammunition. The mainstream, corporate press falsely equivocated the Great March as “clashes” between Palestinians and Israelis, often characterizing it as a Hamas action, when in fact it was the action of 30,000 Palestinian women, children, and men trapped within Gaza. Mazin Qumsiyeh’s Human Rights Newsletter and Palestinian media, Electronic Intifada, Mint Press News, and Mondoweis are among the alternative sources reporting fairly, as have foreign media.*
There have been a series of impassioned calls at the UN for restraint and independent investigations of Israel’s use of live fire against unarmed Palestinians when they marched and camped peacefully within their own borders of Gaza in protest of the heavily militarized barrier that has been penning them in under a draconian siege for more than 10 years. However, in the Security Council, any investigation and also a motion to confirm the Palestinians right to peaceful protest were stopped cold by Nikki Haley raising her hand and her voice for the U.S. The EU has issued statements of condemnation and called for a full investigation of the live-fire killing and wounding of Palestinians.
British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a review of arms sales to Israel. Turkish, Moroccan, Kuwaiti, Qatar, Egyptian foreign ministries were among those condemning the Israeli action.
Israeli snipers are reported targeting journalists. As of May 14, the International Committee to Protect Journalists documented that 44 journalists had been injured; 22 of them hit by live rounds fired by Israel Defense Forces. Two died from their injuries.
How Israeli security forces attacked, maimed, and killed peaceful protesters should be another indication of why U.S. law enforcement should not be engaging in partnerships with them.
*Another source is the Al-Monitor, Palestinian Pulse  —Rise Up Times

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