Here is the chart on media ownership: note the interlocking companies who own the five big media plus Google and Facebook— and why it matters.

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  2. 21st Century Poet October 31, 2017 at 12:13 AM

    Reblogged this on 21st Century Theater and commented:
    I don’t know anything about the creators of this chart, but the numbers look right. This kind of consolidation is actually happening in every large industry. It is unprecedented in world history. Corporate power has become so great it has taken over most governments of the world. Liberals think voting is going to slow this juggernaut and it seems most lefties feel they don’t have to work toward a mass movement or have a long term plan. In the meantime, while the Republican party may be in disarray, the right runs most of the world, and is gaining power everyday. In the u.s., people continue to be disappointed in the Dems because they refuse to believe the Dems represent corporate interests and do not care about what happens to actual people. Well, the evidence has been everywhere for decades. The political spectrum has been violently pulled so far to the right that most liberals are on the right and don’t even know it. Breaking that down would take a library of books, but one key is that their comfort insulates them from the consequences of, say, voting for neoliberals. Or they think they are insulated. One would assume any number of catastrophic events would have clued people in, but stolen elections, wars, economic disasters, repression and oppression wasn’t enough. Now the same forces responsible for all of those horrors and more (let’s call them capitalists for short) have another face in the white house. That seems to have shaken the liberals up a bit. Their answer? The Resistance. If liberals want the changes they say the believe in they will have to become radicals. And then someone will have to remind radicals that they will have to be as organized as capital in order for any radical vision to have a chance. And about that vision thing…

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