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Midwest Dispatch: How Past Economic Policies Influenced Racism of Today, by Sara Lahm

“While hedonism was running rampant among young, white, urban professionals, George Floyd and his family and friends were caught up in another hallmark of the 1980s: the war on drugs.”

DN! War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration: Michelle Alexander, Susan Burton (Videos)

Civil rights advocate and best-selling author Michelle Alexander responds to the new push by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to escalate the war on drugs

Tomgram: William Astore, “Hi, I’m Uncle Sam and I’m a War-oholic”

Astore: When you define something as war, it dictates the use of the military (or militarized police forces, prisons, and other forms of coercion) as the primary instruments of policy. Violence becomes the means of decision, total victory the goal. Anyone who suggests otherwise is labeled a dreamer, an appeaser, or even a traitor.

SOA Watch: Court Hearing on April 9 for Acts of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

SOA Watch stands in solidarity with the “Stewart 5”, and continues to call for the closure of Stewart Detention Center    Court Hearing on April 9 for Acts of Nonviolent Civil Disobedience      April 6, 2015  soaw.org “The depth of a loving society is going to be marked by how quickly we can close […]

▶ Should The Left Engage with the Mainstream Media?

  Published on Mar 30, 2014 TRNN Hosts a discussion on the film ‘Shadows of Liberty’    The News Media: Censorship, Coverups and Corporate Control – Panel moderated by Paul Jay featuring film director JP Tremblay and journalists Kristina Borjesson and Glen Ford.  TheRealNews Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise Up Times is also on Facebook! Check the Rise Up […]

Radley Balko on MSNBC discusses police militarization and Rise of the Warrior Cop – YouTube

Editor’s Note: This interview (and the book) is very good as far as it goes. But they do not talk about the warrior cops in the streets who go after protesters and who quashed the Occupy movement, or rather drove the Occupy movement to different types of protest using militarized police forces, since Occupy definitely […]

Dennis Bernstein> The Grass Roots Battle to End the Drone War

Kelly said that the tragic bottom line is that the military is engaged, first and foremost, in a program of pacification to pave the way for US corporate hegemony over vital and sometimes rare natural resources in Afghanistan. She asserts that “the US wants be able to control the pricing and the flow, of resources […]

Nygaard Notes> Independent Periodic News and Analysis Number 497, December 14, 2011

Nygaard Notes Independent Periodic News and Analysis Number 497, December 14, 2011 This Week:  A Stroll Through the News with Nygaard ****** 1.  “Quote” of the Week: “The global war on drugs has failed…”  2.  Steve Jobs in China 3.  News for the One Percent 4.  “War on Drugs” Ever More Warlike 5.  Fracking and the […]