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Seymour Hersh: The Scene of the Crime

“I sent them a good boy and they made him a murderer.”

▶ VFP Chapter 27: Seven Stories I Wish They’d Tell About the War in Vietnam

A commemoration of the War in Vietnam begins this year to thank and honor veterans. While it is right to remember those who were asked to sacrifice, it is wrong to use it as cover to lie us into further wars.

▶ Honoring MLK: King on War and DN! Newly Discovered 1964 MLK Speech on Civil Rights, Segregation & Apartheid South Africa

King had the courage to tell the truth knowing full well that his life would likely end. The nation besmirches King’s memory by largely focusing on his early “I have a dream” period and by refusing to recognize and honor his peace activism and his work to upend the corporate war on the poor. By […]

Contest Winners: “Vietnam: January 28, 1973” | “Free” | “Soil Soul”

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 2014 Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Contest Winners Vietnam: January 28, 1973 by Sophia Marusic Youth Category (13-18), First Place I cannot tell you anything of guns– other than, in the slick sunrise like a peeled peach, they’ve been muzzled and the crack of black pepper bullets has stuttered to a […]

Sign by Coleen Rowley

Peter Van Buren: Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition, Fighting in Iraq Until Hell Freezes Over

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, Back to the Future in Iraq Read Tom Engelhardt’s Introduction here.  Rise Up Times Editorial Note: Tom Engelhardt, editor of Tom Dispatch, writes excellent commentary on the original articles TomDispatch.com publishes. Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition: Fighting in Iraq Until Hell Freezes Over By Peter Van Buren  TomDispatch.com  September 23, 2014 I wanted to […]

Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox: Born on the 4th of July, S. Brian Willson

“We are not worth more. They are not worth less.” —S. Brian Willson By Cindy Sheehan  July 3, 2014 Aw…the 4th of July! Picnics, cookouts, hotdogs, watermelon, barefoot American children burning their feet on discarded sparkler wires, three-day weekend, FIREWORKS! Did I miss anything? Oh, yeah! Today we are allegedly celebrating our Declaration of Independence from an […]

Marianne Williamson: The Gnarly Psychology of Unnecessary War

The American people have been suckers for decades now, for serious-sounding men and women in business suits spouting nationalistic crap about the necessity of applying brute force in places where it is patently absurd to do so.    By Marianne Williamson  LAProgressive.com  June 15, 2014 We have a big problem in Iraq: We Really. Really. Really. […]

▶ Manufacturing a Narrative for War with Iran – Gareth Porter on Reality Asserts Itself

Mr. Porter tells Paul Jay about his new book “Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare” Published on Mar 16, 2014 Gareth Porter is a historian and investigative journalist on US foreign and military policy analyst. He writes regularly for Inter Press Service on US policy towards Iraq and Iran. Author of five books, […]

Evergreene Digest: Four Decades After Vietnam

Thirty-nine years later, the official US position towards crimes by the US military in Vietnam has not changed: there have been no apologies for US conduct during the war, no reparations, no intentions of prosecuting US government officials or military personnel for war crimes in Vietnam. Instead, there is a romanticizing and glorification of the […]

▶ Veterans for Peace: Why We Are Here

Video of Veterans for Peace action in NYC at Vietnam Memorial. Moving testimony by veterans about why they continue to work for peace.     Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise Up Times is also on Facebook! Check the Rise Up Times page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today. Find us on Twitter […]

Nick Turse: Misremembering America’s Wars, 2003-2053. The Pentagon’s Latest “Mission Accomplished” Moment

Tomgram, Nick Turse: The Pentagon Makes History the First Casualty Click here to read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction. By Nick Turse TomDispatch.com  February 18, 2014 It’s 2053 — 20 years since you needed a computer, tablet, or smart phone to go online.  At least, that’s true in the developed world: you know, China, India, Brazil, and even some parts […]

Emmanuel Ortiz: Before I Start This Poem

“A time has come when silence is betrayal. That time is now.”  MLK  Before I Start This Poem by Emmanuel Ortiz Before I start this poem, I’d like to ask you to join me in a moment of silence in honour of those who died in the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon last September 11th. […]

Marjorie Cohn interview> Drones and International Law

Tim Karr of Free Press  interviews Marjorie Cohn at the National Conference for Media Reform. marjoriecohn.com Subscribe or “Follow” us on WAMMToday.org. For the TC EVENTS calendar and the ACTIONS AND ACTION ALERTS click on the tab at the top of the page and click on the item of interest to view. WAMMToday is also on FACEBOOK! Check the […]

The Guardian> James Steele: America’s mystery man in Iraq – Full Documentary

James Steele: America’s mystery man in Iraq A 15-month investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic reveals how retired US colonel James Steele, a veteran of American proxy wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, played a key role in training and overseeing US-funded special police commandos who ran a network of torture centres in Iraq. […]

Nick Turse> Who Did You Rape in the War, Daddy? A Question for Veterans that Needs Answering

Who Did You Rape in the War, Daddy? A Question for Veterans that Needs Answering “They didn’t get to Vietnam (or Iraq or Afghanistan) on their own and they shouldn’t shoulder the blame or the truth alone and in silence.  We all bear it.  We all need to hear it.” By Nick Turse  Posted by Nick Turse at […]

WAMMInspire! Mary White & Marianne Hamilton invite you to WAMM’s 30th Anniversary Party

July 2012 As part of the celebration of Three Decades of Daring Deeds, we are featuring interviews with members who have been with WAMM from its beginnings. Mary White Mary White is one of the founding grandmothers of WAMM. In 1982 she participated in early WAMM meetings at Loretta’s Tea Room (at 26th St. and […]

Paul R. Pillar> Drawing Lessons from the Vietnam War

Drawing Lessons from the Vietnam War The Vietnam War may seem like ancient history to many Americans, but that destructive conflict holds important lessons for the present, especially the danger of “group think” driving foreign policy and the value of insights that clash with conventional wisdom, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. By Paul R. […]

Polly Mann> On Intervention

On Intervention by Polly Mann   June 4, 2012 The title of a recent article in The Guardian Weekly caught my attention – “It is not always wrong to intervene” and I could go no farther in perusing the news magazine, my principal source of news, both national and international. “Intervening” meant to me one […]

Noam Chomsky> “Losing” the World: American Decline in Perspective

“Losing” the World: American Decline in Perspective Tuesday 14 February 2012  Noam Chomsky   TomDispatch via truthout.org  (Photo: abbyladybug) Significant anniversaries are solemnly commemorated — Japan’s attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, for example.  Others are ignored, and we can often learn valuable lessons from them about what is likely to lie ahead.  Right now, […]