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Black Hills> Pe’ Sla Sacred Grounds on Development Auction Block

Pe’ Sla Sacred Grounds on Development Auction Block By Georgianne Nienaber (about the author) August 14, 2012   opednews.com “As the wind breaths out of Wind Cave in my face, I am reminded of the creation of humans and my own small place in this magnificent world.”  ~~Winona LaDuke writing at  Washun Niya The sale is perfectly “legal,” […]

Jane Evershed> Pay Me in Cherry Blossoms

Pay me in Cherry Blossoms Turn around and take That last look at the family farm’s wake Fast dying to BIG interests That never, ever rests. What do they want that land for? They want it for the water rights! And a place to run all kinds of pipes… Pay me in cherry blossoms, In […]