Pay me in Cherry Blossoms

Turn around and take
That last look at the family farm’s wake
Fast dying to BIG interests
That never, ever rests.
What do they want that land for?
They want it for the water rights!
And a place to run all kinds of pipes…

Pay me in cherry blossoms,
In this world that does not yet 
Revere nature above all else
It is up to you and I,
To give those cherry blossoms 
Their true worth
For in so doing
We give value to the rest of the earth.

Cherry blossoms look good
But they have no power,
Like the women of this world,
Family farmers now going the way
Of the Sioux and the Ojibway.

By Published On: May 19th, 2012Comments Off on Jane Evershed> Pay Me in Cherry Blossoms

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