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Zoltan Grossman: The Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Always Your Friend

So it may be controversial for far-right parties to join governments in the West, but it is permissible in the East if they are mainly opposing Russia.  The next time you’re influenced by a facebook meme or a heart-wrenching youtube video about human rights violations by an “enemy” of the West, think about the atrocities More

Serbia> PHOTOS> barracks in Novi Sad became the first Futoska squat> “the war is over”

PHOTOS: barracks in Novi Sad became the first Futoska squat News • 14:00 > 15:08 • 22nd 12th 2011th | Radio 021  02!  [Editor’s Note: translated from Serbian using Google translate]  Members of more than twenty non-governmental organizations, artists and individuals stormed the barracks today, “Archibald Rice” in Futoska Street, which will form a social center. As for the 021 More

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