PHOTOS: barracks in Novi Sad became the first Futoska squat

News • 14:00 > 15:08  22nd 12th 2011th | Radio 021  02!  [Editor’s Note: translated from Serbian using Google translate]

 Members of more than twenty non-governmental organizations, artists and individuals stormed the barracks today, “Archibald Rice” in Futoska Street, which will form a social center.

As for the 021 says Nenad Ivanovic of movement “Free team” squatting for a date, symbolically chosen Army Day, 22 December, because they want to show that during the war over and the time comes to art and social activism.


“Our hope is that from a military facility that has not been operational for six years, do something that would be socially beneficial. We want a place where artists will be gathered together, individuals, musicians, or environmental organizations, in principle, a cultural meeting place for my city could and should come to life “, he is optimistic.


About dvestotinak nonviolent youth entered the barracks on the side, from the direction of Branislav Nušić Streets. According to Ivanovic said that the organizers are konkatku with the Department of Defense and other instances in order to obtain formal permission for use of space, but no formal approval for entry have not yet been received.

“In the Army we were refused on the grounds that the area is not suitable for cultural activities, but noted that it is the responsibility of other institutions. So we konkatktirali them, in principle, we have a dialogue with them and believe that we will reach a solution acceptable to all, “said Ivanovic.


Grandma Mary Ristic, which is the action of squatting barracks caught in passing, told 021 that she fully supports artists in order to take this military facility.

“I agree with the youth. You see, everything is sold and abandoned – our fault, we are guilty. I want these children to enter the barracks and work with it better things than we did,” says the grandmother, who is pushing the age of eighty.

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Passers-by were other comments to the assembled crowd of artists. “Hippies”, most people wept in the passage.


The idea that the barracks in Futoska into a public space dedicated to all citizens of Novi Sad and filled with different content has existed for several years, and the reputation of squats in a similar environment where some barracks are given such a purpose. Volunteers who stayed to arrange the music of the barracks yard to invite all citizens of Novi Sad evening come to a social center, since the program started today.

During the afternoon panel discussions will be held at which the words have all gathered, after which it will be displayed in 17h film “Open the barracks.” The program continues with guests from France, after which they will be present in the barracks known Novi Sad musician Boris Kovac. After his show, the crowd will be entertained by jugglers and DJs, artists and persistent announce that in the “occupied” the barracks to stay the night.





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