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Today We Launch the Injustice Boycott in Standing Rock, San Francisco, and New York City

It’s not a petition. It’s not a Facebook page. It’s not a retweet or a hashtag.

Rebecca Solnit> Welcome to the (Don’t Be) Evil Empire: Google Eats the World

So we know what you may not yet: they are not your friends and their vision is not your vision, but your data is their data, and your communications are in their hands, and they seem to be rising to become an arm of or a part-owner of the government or a law unto themselves, […]

Pedal Story> Anne Winkler Morey> Interview with San Francisco health care activist

WAMM members Anne Winkler-Morey and her husband David are making 420 day bike adventure with social and historical commentary.  Their stories are documented on Facebook on Pedal Story.  From San Francisco, Anne took a break to go to the east coast.  (David came to Minneapolis, where we heard him talk about their trip!)  They are back on their […]

‘Wild Old Women’ Close San Francisco Bank Of America Branch

‘Wild Old Women’ Close San Francisco Bank Of America Branch Reporting Doug Sovern   January 5, 2012 3:24 PM   CBS San Franciso via truthdig  A group calling themselves ‘Wild Old Women’ protest outside the Bank of America Bernal Heights branch in San Francisco, January 5, 2012. (CBS) SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – It was a slow-moving Occupy Wall Street […]