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Susu Jeffrey: Can an “inconvenient law” protect the sacred Coldwater Spring?

Jeffrey: Neither the state, nor a unit of metropolitan government, nor a political subdivision of the state may take any action that may diminish the flow of water to or from Camp Coldwater Springs.

Susu Jeffrey> Coldwater: The new history

Coldwater: The new history “We begin history here in 1820,” John Anfinson said in a KFAI radio interview. By Susu Jeffrey  Southside Pride   September 2012 Chief of natural and cultural resources for the National Park Service (NPS), Anfinson is the architect of the Coldwater Park redux. In 1820, U.S. soldiers took possession of Coldwater Springs […]

Black Hills> Pe’ Sla Sacred Grounds on Development Auction Block

Pe’ Sla Sacred Grounds on Development Auction Block By Georgianne Nienaber (about the author) August 14, 2012   opednews.com “As the wind breaths out of Wind Cave in my face, I am reminded of the creation of humans and my own small place in this magnificent world.”  ~~Winona LaDuke writing at  Washun Niya The sale is perfectly “legal,” […]

Reflections on Coldwater

Reflections on Coldwater Written after the final Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) meeting regarding the determination of Wetland A at Coldwater Springs. Development is not necessarily improvement: that attitude is a 19th century/20th century intellectual construct. We are now in the 21st century, and a new construct that recognizes that development may be a curse […]