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Chris Hedges: The Age of Social Murder

“What is taking place is not neglect. It is not ineptitude. It is not policy failure. It is murder. It is murder because it is premeditated. It is murder because a conscious choice was made by the global ruling classes to extinguish life rather than protect it.”

Chris Hedges: Cancel Culture, Where Liberalism Goes to Die

“The cancel culture, a witch hunt by self-appointed moral arbiters of speech, has become the boutique activism of a liberal class that lacks the courage and the organizational skills to challenge the actual centers of power.”

Chris Hedges: Don’t be Fooled by the Cancel Culture Wars

“We must be wary of allowing those wielding the toxic charge of racism, no matter how well intentioned their motives, to decide who has a voice and who does not.”

Chris Hedges | Thought Police for the 21st Century

This censorship is global.

On Contact with Chris Hedges | Creative Forgetfulness with Eric Foner (Video)

American history by a people’s historian.

Michael T. Klare> The Energy Wars Heat Up> Six Recent Clashes and Conflicts on a Planet Heading Into Energy Overdrive

The Energy Wars Heat Up> Six Recent Clashes and Conflicts on a Planet Heading Into Energy Overdrive Posted by Michael Klare at 7:42am, May 10, 2012     Tom Dispatch Conflict and intrigue over valuable energy supplies have been features of the international landscape for a long time.  Major wars over oil have been fought every decade or so […]