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Tomgram: Gregoire Chamayou, Hunting Humans by Remote Control

Chamayou : The triggers of moral indignation are quite mysterious sometimes. While the virtual hunting of animals was almost universally condemned as scandalous, the remote-controlled hunting of human beings was at the same moment taking off without any of those same people making any objections.

Tomas van Houtryve: A Sky Full of Cameras (Drones)

 “Although a huge amount of footage has been collected, the program is classified, and few people have ever seen images of the drone war and its casualties. This seems like a paradox in our thoroughly media-connected age. How can America be involved in a decade-long war where the sky is buzzing with cameras, and yet […]

Voices Anti-Drones Walk to Be Featured in New Documentary Film

Walking the Walk: a March against Drone Warfare    a film by James Knight, Caneyhead Pictures  vcnv.org  Voices for Creative Nonviolence In June of 2013, a group of peace activists set out for a walk across Iowa to protest the Predator drone control center planned for the Iowa National Guard Air Base in Des Moines. […]

Glenn Greenwald> CNN Acts as Pentagon Mouthpiece with its “Report” that Iran Shot at a US Drone

CNN Acts as Pentagon Mouthpiece with its “Report” that Iran Shot at a US Drone “First things first: let us pause for a moment to extend our thoughts and prayers to this US drone. Although it was not physically injured, being shot at by the Iranians – while it was doing nothing other than peacefully […]

James Jeffrey> Drone warfare’s deadly civilian toll: a very personal view

Drone warfare’s deadly civilian toll: a very personal view I was minutes from ordering a drone strike on a Taliban insurgent – until I realised I was watching an Afghan child at play James Jeffrey  guardian.co.uk Wednesday 19 September 2012 16.36 EDT A US Predator drone in Afghanistan. The strike in Somalia means armed drones are […]

Predator drones to start operations over North Dakota

Predator drones to start operations over North Dakota Published: 27 July, 2012, 22:03   RT   The FAA has authorized the use of remote-controlled Predator drones in the airspace above nearly 10,000 acres in North Dakota. As of this fall, unmanned military aircraft will use lasers to aim at ground targets from nearly 2 miles above […]

Polly Mann> That’s No Harvest Moon in the Sky, Honey

That’s No Harvest Moon in the Sky, Honey By Polly Mann  WAMM Newsletter   December/January   2011/2012 That’s a predator drone. Those objects in the sky are what you might be seeing if you’re somewhere near the Canadian or Mexican borders. They’re out scouting for illegal immigrants, drug runners or terrorists. They can remain airborne […]