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Tomas van Houtryve: A Sky Full of Cameras (Drones)

 “Although a huge amount of footage has been collected, the program is classified, and few people have ever seen images of the drone war and its casualties. This seems like a paradox in our thoroughly media-connected age. How can America be involved in a decade-long war where the sky is buzzing with cameras, and yet […]

Glenn Greenwald> Three key lessons from the Obama administration’s drone lies

The axiom that political officials abuse their power and lie to the public when operating in the dark is proven yet again April is national action against drones month. See the full list of vigils, protests, lectures, and other actions that are part of the April Days nationwide.  #aprildays Glenn Greenwald  guardian.co.uk, Thursday 11 April 2013 09.46 EDT […]

Misty Rowan> On Military Drones (and tearing them to pieces)

On Military Drones (and tearing them to pieces) By Misty Rowan It’s the arms race of the future, really, except this time Sputnik’s ganna be an unmanned plane. And if the vessel is unmanned, doesn’t that make the killing automatically inhumane? It’s odd to me to think that when I’m voting with my dollar, I […]