Nathan Schneider> How to Succeed in Reoccupation without even trying

 How to Succeed in Reoccupation without even trying  by Nathan Schneider   Saturday 7 April 2012    Nation of Change “Potential allies expect more from the movement, I’d say, and so they should.” I’ve lately been getting the feeling that Occupy Wall Street’s past successes are starting to go to the heads of some people More

Noam Chomsky> What Are Iran’s Intentions?

What Are Iran’s Intentions?  Noam Chomsky    Saturday 3 March 2012   Nation of Change “Iran has very limited capacity to deploy force, and its strategic doctrine is defensive, designed to deter invasion long enough for diplomacy to take effect.” The Jan­u­ary/Feb­ru­ary issue of For­eign Af­fairs fea­tured the ar­ti­cle “Time to At­tack Iran: Why a More

Video> How to Reverse the Corporate Coup d’Etat> A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges

[youtube] How to Reverse the Corporate Coup d’Etat A Conversation With Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig Monday 30 January 2012  TruthOut Chris Hedges and Lawrence Lessig, Yes! Magazine | Interview and Video  Protesters against Citizens United demonstrate outside the Sacramento Capitol, California, January 21, 2012. (Photo: Public Citizen) "We've undergone a corporate coup d'etat in slow motion. More

The Truth About Police Misconduct at Occupy Wall Street West | NationofChange

The Truth About Police Misconduct at Occupy Wall Street West Brian Walker talks with Sonia Alexander-White about her experience with law enforcement during protests in San Francisco. Friday 27 January 2012   Nation of Change Photo: Steve Rhodes Na­tion of Change’s Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Di­rec­tor, Sonia Alexan­der-White, re­counts ex­ces­sive use of po­lice force she wit­nessed and ex­pe­ri­enced last week More

Noam Chomsky> Interview with Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers> World Militarization

Noam Chomsky> The U.S.-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement is ‘Part of Global Program of World Militarization” Noam Chomsky    Published: Saturday 17 December 2011   Nation of Change “It is well understood among the military leadership and also the political leadership in the United States and its allies, that they cannot achieve a military solution of More

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