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Power Loves the Dark | Police Nationwide Are Secretly Exploiting Intrusive Technologies With the Feds’ Complicity

 In Chicago, for instance, the police notoriously opposed the release of dashcam video in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald, citing the supposed imperative of an “ongoing investigation.” After more than a year of such resistance, a judge finally ordered the video made public. Only then did the scandal of seeing Officer Jason Van Dyke unnecessarily pump 16 bullets into the 17-year-old’s body explode into national consciousness.

DN! VIDEO | Black Lives Matter vs. the LAPD: Are the Police Unfairly Targeting & Surveilling the Movement?

What the unit is actually called is a cyber-unit. It’s one that isn’t talked about a lot. … But we were able to get enough to know and to see that this was the format in which they had engaged. Some of the photos they gave us had people’s names right above their heads. And the way that the people’s names were, were the same type of way, in terms of the printing, that we see in surveillance photos with the feds, but this was being done by LAPD.

Uzma Kolsy> The spread of “Suspicious Activity Reporting”

Suspicious Activity Reporting asks citizens to keep an eye out on their neighbors — and it’s spreading BY UZMA KOLSY     March 30, 2012    Salon.com  (Credit: Warren Goldswain via Shutterstock/Salon) Crime in Los Angeles is a gritty enterprise, and donning an LAPD badge has historically involved getting your hands dirty. Long before the New York Police Department was More

Dear Editor- LAPD Arrests the Truth at Occupy LA

Dear Editor- LAPD Arrests the Truth at Occupy LA Culver City Crossroads My name is Patrick Meighan, and I’m a husband, a father, a writer on the Fox animated sitcom “Family Guy”, and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica. I was arrested at about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning with 291 More

The New Surveillance Society: How “Community” Policing Follows Your Every Move

The New Surveillance Society: How “Community” Policing Follows Your Every Move A new notion of “community policing” has emerged, where monitoring communities has taken the place of solving crimes. September 8, 2011  |    TruthOut and ACLU Massachusets / By Nancy Murray and Kade Crockford Ten Years Later: Surveillance in the “Homeland”is a collaborative project with Truthout and ACLU Massachusetts. More

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